Free Purple Sky Lightroom Preset

Free Purple Sky Lightroom Preset 1

Purple Sky

Free Lightroom Preset

Compatible with Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Creative Cloud (CC), and Lightroom Mobile.

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How to Use Free Lightroom Preset

My free Lightroom presets work with images in different formats (RAW, JPEG, PNG, TIFF…). But I highly recommend using a RAW format, which offers the most flexibility and produces the highest quality.

Free Purple Sky Lightroom Preset 2

Let me show you how I use preset based editing. I call it Lightroom Rapid Editing.

First, I applied the Purple Sky preset.

In general, I liked what I saw, but since the original photo was slightly overexposed, the result was too bright, and I needed the help of TOOLKIT presets to fix it.

The TOOLKIT is the collection of Adjustment Presets. The presets allow fine-tuning of a photo without altering the style and Lightroom editing tools.

Free Purple Sky Lightroom Preset 3
TOOLKIT Adjustment Presets

Next, I used the TOOLKIT.

I applied the following adjustments:

09 Open Shadows +++
24 Saturation +
3. Vignetting ++
43. Midtone Contrast +

The Editing Formula: Purple Sky (9, 24, 32, 43)

And here is the final result:

Free Purple Sky Lightroom Preset 4

Free Lightroom Presets Download

Below please find the complete free lightroom presets download (zip) library.