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  • a small comment on your compact camera evaluation for travel. I did the same some years ago and came to the same conclusion.
    I own the RX100II since 2014 (as at the time of purchase the newer models did not yet exist) and I use it in combination with the external EVF (which is sold separately) which offers an even better quality than the EVF on the RX100III. The RX100II has another big advantage over all other models: it offers the flash hotshoe!!
    Furhermore the ISO range varies depending on the settings. When in auto ISO mode it starts from ISO 160; when in manual ISO mode you can also set it to ISO100.

    • Keith Dickinson says:

      Hi Andreas
      I own a RX100 and my only complaint is not having a EVF. I have been thinking of buying the RX100 111 but I was not aware you could purchase an external one. Could you give me some details such as what to ask for or a model number. Another question, is it possible to use a remote on any of the RX100s
      Thanks in advance Keith.

      • the exact model model No is Sony FDA-EV1MK.
        I’m not fully aware what you exactly mean with: to use a remote…
        Of couse you can use the PlayMemories App to trigger the camera.
        I use a wireless remote from Hähnel (Hähnel Captur) which comes with two cables to connect the receiver (which is mounted on the flash shoe) with the USB connector of the camera (or alternatively with the dedicated remote connector on a-mount cameras)


    Hi, thank you very much for your work.
    One question: how to load the camera profile of the old Fujifilm HS20 EXR in Lightroom Classic CC?
    I would be very grateful if you could advise me.
    Affectionately, George

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