How to Install Lightroom Presets

How to Install Lightroom Presets Guide

how to install lightroom presets

1. After you downloaded Lightroom Preset Collection archive you need to unzip (extract) it.

Now you should see two folders that contain presets files:

2. Start Lightroom and from the top main menu select Edit > Preferences…

If you use Mac you will find the Preferences option under the Lightroom menu.

3. Select Presets tab inside of the Preferences screen.

4. Click on the button titled, Show Lightroom Presets Folder…

5. Double click on Lightroom folder.

6. Locate Develop Presets folder and open it.

7. Copy the contents of the archive, the ones you unzipped (extracted) in step 1.

8. Restart Lightroom

  • Steve Goldberg says:

    there seems to be something missing in your instructions on how to install the presets as it did not work for me.You say to copy the folders but not what to do with them so nothing happened for me. I do not see your presets when I restarted Lightroom

  • Helder Pinto says:


  • Chris Smith says:

    File corruption in LRTemp files. Action won’t extract necessary files. Please advise.

  • Chris Smith says:

    There must have been an issue with my initial download. I downloaded the files again and they work fine. In fact, I love them. Thanks for making them available, as well as providing clear instructions. I’m looking forward to experimenting with them.

  • Having a couple of issues. Preferences are under File, not Edit in my version. I am uncertain which LR folder to open to search for Develop Presets.

      • If I am using the CC version, can you steer me in the direction to open the correct folder? Unfortunately I am not finding my way to develop presets.

          • I think I went around a crazy back door to get there. i appreciate you putting these together and sharing. Thanks!

  • Chris Temple says:

    What do I do with the Tool kit folder? Do I copy to presets as well?

      • Chris Temple says:

        Thanks for the quick response

  • Connie Mae says:


  • Do these work on Lr 5?

  • James Spain says:

    Do you have any presets for LR 3?

  • Johnny Jensen says:

    Presets does NOT come up anywhere, after I selected Preferences!?!?!??!?!

  • Connie Hamilton says:

    Thank you!! Works wonderful 🙂

  • Kevin Corrigan says:

    I got nothing??

      • Kevin Corrigan says:

        Thank you for the quick response, Victor. Well I followed the instructions (I think) but after restarting Lightroom I’m now at a loss as to how to locate the presets 🙂

      • Kevin Corrigan says:

        I’ve solved the problem, Viktor. Thanks for the freebies, they look great! 🙂

  • Bill Benson says:

    Thanks Victor – here I was toying with whether to purchase HDR plus and then you offered it free to those who already had HDR presents. Glad I didn’t purchase. They loaded just fine with your instructions.

  • Bill Benson says:

    Q. Why do landscape presets cause my HDR photos to become so dark? Do you only use the HDR presets when you create an HDR photo from bracketed shots?

    • Bill,
      you can use Landscape presets with HDR images, no problem. If image looks dark, it means the original image is underexposed. Simply adjust exposure.

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