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Travel Photography For All

I am Viktor Elizarov the founder of If you share my passion for landscape and travel photography and you want to improve your skills by learning different aspects of the trade, this page is for you.

Travel Photography at PhotoTraces

Today, in the era of globalization, the travel became more accessible to everyone, photography equipment is more affordable than ever before, and the internet is full of learning resources. Even with this, travel photography can still be overwhelming when you are just starting and want to take your passion to a new level or even make it more than just a hobby.

I believe that most of this frustration comes from the remarkable number of choices in photography equipment, editing tools, processing techniques and learning resources. When you start, it is not always obvious what is the essential part of the learning process and what is not.

My goal is to simplify the process of learning travel photography by providing only essential and high-quality learning and inspirational resources.

Most Popular Resources on

In recent years, Lightroom became the most important tool for any type of photographers. These days, it is more useful and effective than Photoshop. Lightroom covers three crucial aspects of photography: Photo Organization, Photo Editing, and Publishing. If I had to choose the only tool to recommend to a beginner, it would be Lightroom.

It is no wonder then that the most popular resource on my blog is my Free Lightroom Preset Collection. This collection represents 10 years of my experience of editing and processing photos and reflects my personal style and my artistic vision. Just download the collection and I promise that it will help you to improve your photography, save time on processing but, most importantly, it will demonstrate how I approach the process of editing photos.

And, if you need further help, the collection comes with a tutorial.

Free Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Presets for Travel Photography

Lightroom Tutorials

Lightroom Rapid Editing for Travel Photography
Travel Photography - Lightroom Organization
Travel Photography - HDR in Lightroom

Photography 101 Series

What is Bracketing in Photography?
Why Are My Pictures Blurry or a Beginner’s Guide to Taking Sharp Photos

Case Studies

Travel Photography - Advanced Photo Editing
Travel Photography - How to Create Photo Series
Travel Photography - Burning Man

HDR Photography Tutorials

I am a big proponent of HDR photography. The realm of HDR photography allows us to make photographs as close as possible to human experience by bridging the gap between what the human eye perceives and what the digital camera can actually capture.

HDR Photography Tutorials

My main motivation for using HDR processing is not to achieve the “HDR Look” but, is something completely opposite: to create natural and balanced photographs.

Most Popular HDR Photos on PhotoTraces

HDR Photography for Travel Photography

Finding the Perfect Destination

One of my main goals as a travel photographer is to discover amazing destinations around the world and share them with the followers of my blog. First, check the DESTINATIONS section of the blog where I feature some of the most interesting locations I have been privileged to visit and photograph.

Top Travel Photography Destiantions

Most Popular Photo Destiantions

Travel Photography - San Francisco
Travel Photography - New York
Travel Photography - Montreal
Top Travel Photographers Reveal Top Locations

Also, checkthis roundup article where I asked my colleagues, the top travel photographers in the industry, to share their favorite photography destinations.

Top Travel Photographers Reveal Their Favorite Photo Locations

And finally, there is the Photo Location Guide, the project I started recently where I pinned all of the destinations featured on the blog to the interactive map.

Travel Photography - Photo Location Guide

Blueprint Articles

How to become a travel photographer
Blueprint to Backup Strategy for Travel Photography

Shooting Techniques

Long Exposure Without Tripod
Back Button Focus for Travel Photography
Lens Compression Effect for Travel Photography

Blogging Tips for Photographers

Regardless if you are a professional photographer, an aspiring novice or an enthusiast with a big dream, blogging is the best tool to assist in growing as an artist as well as establishing and promoting your personal brand. Here are resources to help you to incorporate blogging into your photography.

Why Starting a Photography Blog is Crucial for any Photographer
How to Start a Photography Blog in Under 10 Minutes
The Best WordPress Themes for Your Photography Blog

The Best “Deconstructing Photo” blog posts

When I publish a new photo to my blog with the detailed breakdown on how it was taken and edited, it goes into the “Deconstructing Photo” category. I have learned that the most popular feature of these posts among the readers is Before & After demonstrations

Travel Photography - Golden City (San Francisco)
Travel Photography - The Tree Stub at Cypress Cove in Point Lobos (California)
Travel Photography - Niagara Falls

Photography Equipment

If you check any photography publication (web or print), everyone wants to sell you a new piece of equipment. Camera manufacturers spent years trying to convince the beginners that “you are as good as your photography equipment” which is absolutely far from the truth.

My opinion is that photography equipment is the least important part of the equation when you are just starting.

Photo Equipment for Travel Photography
Switching from Canon to Sony
Sony a6000 Review
Photography Equipment for Travel Photography