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How to Become a Travel Photographer – the Blueprint

How to Become a Travel Photographer - the Blueprint

A simple 4-step process for becoming a travel photographer.

I decided to put together a blueprint or guide to help people who want to get involved in travel photography but do not know where to start. I used a similar approach when I first started and it has proven successful over the years. 

First and foremost, please do not start your travel photography journey with a trip to South Asia. It will be a waste of time and money, not to mention it will be full of disappointments.

Start smaller and grow from there.

Backup Strategy for Travel Photographers

Backup Strategy for Travel Photographers

The way camera sensors keep improving is also amazing. The dynamic range, the pixel count, the sensitivity—all of it—is absolutely astonishing.

But, there is one area of photography that has not changed much in the last five to seven years and that is digital file management for travel photographers. Or, to put it simply, bringing your precious photos back home and safely storing them.

This is when careful planning makes a difference.

Virtual Photo Scouting – How to Plan and Scout a Photography Trip

Virtual Photo Scouting – How to Plan and Scout a Photography Trip

When I go on a long driving trip, my goal is to visit one specific location every day of the trip. With traditional scouting, this would double or even triple the length of my trip, which is both impractical and expensive.

Lucky for us, technology has reached a level where traditional scouting can be complimented by or even completely replaced by virtual scouting. It can even be done prior to the trip!

Mobile Editing Workflow for Travel Photography

Mobile Editing Workflow for Travel Photography

In my photography workflow, my laptop is an extension of my desktop computer. For each trip, I create a temporary Lightroom Catalog on my laptop and I continuously add new photos to it as my trip progresses.

For a long time, a mobile-only workflow was impossible when taking multi-day photography trips.

But, luckily for us travel photographers, the trend is starting to change. More often in my travels, I find myself using a purely mobile workflow.

Today, I’d like to share how I use a mobile-only setup for my travels.

18 Best Photography Books for Travel Photographers

18 Best Photography Books for Travel Photographers

The complexity of travel photography comes from the need to excel in different situations and types of photography such as landscapes, wild life, architecture, street and portrait photography (to name a few), all of which are exposed to the limitations that travel brings.

The following list of 18 Best Photography Books for Travel Photographers will help you make your workflow leaner and more organic to make every resource count when you are traveling.

Mobile Editing Workflow for Travel Photography

Top Travel Photographers Reveal Their Favorite Locations Around the World

Finding the perfect location is the big part of travel photography. Before you start thinking about shooting techniques and composition, you have to do extensive research and planning. For me, it takes a couple of weeks, prior to the trip, to pinpoint all the locations I want to visit and photograph.

This time, I decided to hack the process and instead of doing heavy lifting myself, I asked top travel photographers to share their favorite photo locations around the world.

What’s In My Camera Bag

How to Get the Most Out of Travel Photography

Photography is the art of telling a powerful story, and if you are lucky enough to be a travel photographer, then it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are doing justice to the subjects you are studying and the landscapes you are witnessing.

What’s In My Camera Bag

What’s In My Camera Bag

What is your camera bag? This is probably the most popular question I am asked on a daily basis. Even though we all understand that photography is all about the photographer and not equipment, gear is still the essential part of our lives.

Today I created the list of the crucial photo items that I always bring when I travel.

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