Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download)

This is the second part of the Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts article. If you remember in the original post, I outlined my approach for using shortcuts in Lightroom and listed the ones I use most often in my editing workflow.

The original article resonated well with my blog readers and on social media in general, so I decided to extend the topic by putting together a cheatsheet of my favorite shortcuts. This is one you can download and use in Lightroom.

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Here is the graphic I created in Photoshop where I listed my favorite Lightroom shortcuts.

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 1

This is how it looks after I installed it in Lightroom using the little-known Panel End Mark feature of the application. This feature allows users to add any graphic—in PNG format—and set it to appear on every panel (left and right) of each module.

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 2
Library Module. Left Panel
Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 3
Develop Module. Right Panel

Below is the 3 step installation process to bring Keyboard Cheatsheet into Lightroom.

Feel free to use the images I created or use your own by following the installation steps below.

Installation: Step 1

Right-click (Option-click) to download the appropriate version below. Save it to your computer.

Window Version

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 4

Mac Version

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 5

These are PNG images with the transparent background.

Installation: Step 2

Right click (Control-Click) at the bottom of the left or right panel in any module.

Select Panel End Mark > Go to Panel End Marks Folder

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 6

Copy PNG file you downloaded in Step 1 to the Panel End Marks Folder

Installation: Step 3

Now you have a new option under the Panel End Mark menu: LR_Shortcuts_Cheatsheet_WIN.png or LR_Shortcuts_Cheatsheet_MAC.png depending on what version you downloaded.

Select the image name of the graphic you copied to  Panel End Marks Folder in step 3 and it will appear at the bottom of the panels.

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 7

The Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet appears on both panels in every module.

Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download) 8

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by Viktor Elizarov
I am a travel photographer and educator from Montreal, Canada, and a founder of PhotoTraces. I travel around the world and share my experiences here. Feel free to check my Travel Portfolio and download Free Lightroom Presets.

9 thoughts on “Lightroom Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Free Download)”

  1. Hi Viktor,
    What a great little freebie, and so damn useful. I have shared this on one of my facebook groups as a thank you for a great idea! tip: you can also istall it via Edit-Preferences-interface-Panels-Endmarks-drop down and select “go to end marks folder”-drag and drop your PNG into it- shut down Lr and then restart, do the same upto drop down- then select the png shortcuts and voila! it’s on the end mark places on LR!

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Victor. In theory, this looks like a good idea, as a way to try to adapt to Keyboard shortcuts (I nearly always just use the mouse, but read other experienced Lightroom (and Photoshop users) say it’s much quicker to use the Keyboard. I’ve set it up, but will wait now until another day, the next time I open Lightroom to try it.

  3. What a great idea. There are so many hidden gems in LR . . . I was going to change to a competitor but then found out I couldn’t put my logo on exports, merge panoramas, or do a lot of other little (but important) actions that I have come to depend upon. Every time I read a “hints on LR” I find something else I didn’t know about. Yesterday was an explanation of how the graduated filter actually works, today your shortcut help.

  4. Sorry but I can’t find the download link??

    • there is no download link you simply need to save image to your computer:
      Right-click (Option-click) to download the appropriate version below. Save it to your computer.

  5. At first I couldn’t understand how to use Viktor’s instructions labelled: Installation – Step 3, so when I did figure it out I wrote the following Note to myself explaining what I did:
    Installation: Step 3
    Note: To do what Viktor says below, right-click on the bottom of the side panel in the module selected and a small un-named menu appears with the words: Panel End Mark at the bottom. In the menu, slide over and put the cursor on – Panel End Mark- You will see the choices, which will include the .png file you just placed in the Panel End Marks Folder. Select it. Lo and behold the cheat sheet will appear as the last part of the panel showing the CheatSheet info and Keys to tap. It works.

  6. Hello Victor,
    A big thank you for your taking valuable time to create and share this little timesaver. Regards, Wayne


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