The Path Down to the Bryce Canyon (Utah)

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I have visited Bryce Canyon previously but due to the lack of time or poor weather conditions I’ve never had a chance to hike all the way down to the bottom of the canyon.

During my latest trip, the luck finally was on my side; the weather was relatively favorable and I had the entire day to explore beautiful red rocks.

I took the featured photo during the descent to the bottom of the Bryce Canyon along the Navajo Loop Trail. The rain stopped 10-15min before I started the hike and the deep blue colors of the sky in the combination with the white clouds created a perfect backdrop for the orange rocks in the foreground.

The Path Down to the Bryce Canyon (Utah)
Utah. Bryce Canyon National Park. Navajo Loop Trail
Loc: 37.623335, -112.166019


When I analyzed the scene, just before start shooting, I could see that I would have to shoot for HDR. The foreground rock wall was much darker than the sky in the background. The light was too dynamic for the single shot.

I took 3 bracketed shots (-1, 0, +1) on a tripod.


This is the first photo on my blog which was merged to HDR in Lightroom. As you may know, Adobe added to recently released Lightroom 6, new HDR Merge module. I am still experimenting with this new feature but so far I like what I see and I am planning to use it on a regular basis. ( You can find my review here: Adobe Lightroom 6 Review – New Features).

In Lightroom, I selected 3 bracketed photos and sent them to Photo Merge HDR.

Lightroom merged 3 bracketed photos and created new HDR image (DNG).

For the processing, I used a Lightroom preset based workflow, using Natural present from my Landscapes Collection (you can always download free lightroom presets here).

Camera: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 10-18
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: F9
Tripod: FEISOL Tournament CT-3442  – Check my FEISOL Tournament CT-3442 Review.
Ballhead: FEISOL CB-40D

Processing: Lightroom HDR Preset Based Workflow

Lightroom: import, tagging, HDR Merge, preset based processing (Natural preset from Landscape Collection)
Photoshop: contrast, color correction. I used the Stamp Tool to mask the person walking along the path.

Photoshop Plugins: