Swallowtail Light in the Fog (New Brunswick)

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This is the very first photo from my latest trip to Atlantic Canada. My main goal of the trip was to visit and photograph one of the most photogenic destinations in the entire Canada – Prince Edward Island. But, on my way to PEI, I had a chance to visit the beautiful Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

The Bay of Fundy is famous for having the highest tides in the world. Even though there are plenty of amazing places to visit and to photograph around the Bay of Fundy, my favorite location by far is Grand Manan Island located in the middle of the bay. It takes a 2-hour ferry ride to get there and it is always foggy on the island in the morning.

The day I visited the Grand Manan Island the fog stayed much longer than usual and only disappeared in the afternoon, but it did not prevent me from taking some interesting shots, like this one.

Canada. New Brunswick. Grand Manan Island. North Head
Loc: 44.765328, -66.735930

Shooting & Processing

The main challenge to produce this photo was to come up with an interesting composition. Because of the tall trees and rocky shore, there are not too many spots from where you can photograph Swallowtail Light. That was pretty much the only place from where I could capture the lighthouse and the entire peninsula on which it resides.

I purposely took a wider shot to give me more freedom while experimenting with cropping in Lightroom.

I took 3 bracketed shots on a tripod (-1, 0, +1). I could see that the light was not too dynamic because the setting sun was covered with the clouds, but I took 3 brackets anyway, just in case.

I used single RAW image editing in Lightroom. I described the process in Introduction to Lightroom Rapid Editing System.

First I applied Lightroom preset Natural from my Landscape Collection and later I used TOOLKIT to adjust exposure mostly because the photo was a bit underexposed.

The Lightroom Preset Editing Formula: Natural ( 8, 16, 21, 31, 34)

And if you are not using Lightroom Rapid Editing, below are the exact editing steps I used in Lightroom:

The final touches were done in Photoshop where I removed utility poles and electric wires with the help of the Stamp Tool.

I used Topaz Clarity  plugin to emphasize the textures and boost the contrast

I used Topaz DeNoise to reduce digital noise in the area of the sky and the water.

Then I added blue vignette and boosted the saturation with the help of Vibrance Adjustment Layer.

Before and After final transformation:

Deconstructing Featured Photo


Lightroom: import, tagging, Lightroom Rapid Editing, Editing Formula: Natural ( 8, 16, 21, 31, 34)
Photoshop: color correction, contrast, cleaning.  I used the Stamp Tool to cover distracting elements.

Photoshop Plugins: