Perce Rock in the Sunrise Fog (Quebec)

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That year I spend 3 days in the vicinity of the town of Percé on the Atlantic coast of Quebec. The weather was awful for all 3 days; with humid, hazy air and dull sky without any clouds. I was ready to write it off as a complete photo disaster and hoping to have more luck at my next destination – the Prince Edward Island.

On the morning of my departure, I woke up at 5am ready to take 8 hours drive to Prince Edward Island and this is the view I saw. I had just enough time to drive to the hill and take a few pictures before morning fog was burnt off my rising sun.

Travel Photography Blog - Canada. Quebec. Perce
Canada. Quebec. Perce
Loc: 48.520297, -64.247009

Shooting and Processing

I did not have time for setting up my gear, so I was shooting hand-held. Even though the light was not dynamic at all I took 3 bracketed shots (-1, 0, +1) just in case.

I selected only 2 bracketed shots (-1 and 0) in Lightroom and processed them individually.

Travel Photography Blog: 2 Bracketed Shots ( -1; 0 )

Below is the result of Lightroom processing.

Travel Photography Blog: 2 Bracketed Shots ( -1; 0 )

In the final step, I placed 2 images on separate layers in Photoshop and blend them together using luminosity masks. (for more details check my Review: “The Art of Digital Blending”). From the darker image, I used only highlighted area of the sun.

Deconstructing Featured Photo

  • Camera: Canon 60D
  • Lens: Canon 17-70
  • Focal Length: 48mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Aperture: F8
  • Bracketing: 3 shots (-1, 0, +1)
  • Tripod: hand-held

PROCESSING: Digital Blending with Lminosity Masks

Lightroom: import, tagging, contrast, color correction and splitonning. I produced 2 separate images and exported them to Photoshop.
Photoshop: I opened 2 bracketed photos directly in Photoshop and placed each image on separate layer. Then, I used luminosity masking techniques to blend them together. I also cropped the image to improve composition.

Photoshop Plugins: 

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