Fallen Tree At Merced River (Yosemite)

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The very first time I visited Yosemite National Park a few years back it was middle of May. Even though I had a great experience with the good weather and lots of photos, what surprised me the most was how crowded park was. The park was full of tourist buses and sometimes it felt that I was in the urban park and not in the remote location in the middle of the mountains.

This year I had an opportunity to visit Yosemite in the middle of April and I was absolutely sure that it would not be so packed. What I did not realize that it was National Park Week and although I appreciated the free entry, by the noon park was full.

California. Yosemite. Merced River
Loc: 37.717158, -119.662003

But it did not prevent me from taking some interesting photos like the featured shot below. That was the very last photo of my trip. Just before leaving the park and driving to San Francisco I stopped at the Merced river and took a couple of shots.


The idea for this shot was to place the fallen tree in the foreground and to have Yosemite Valley as the backdrop of the composition.


It was a single RAW file editing.

The goal of the editing was to emphasize the colors and the textures of the Yosemite.

I used Point Lobos preset from my Landscape Collection and used TOOLKIT to boost colors and details.

The Lightroom Preset Editing Formula: Point Lobos (9, 18, 21, 31, 39)

Photoshop: I used the Stamp Took to remove the rock and some grass from the foreground. Also, I removed tree branched from the top left corner of the photo.

Photoshop Plugins: 

  • Topaz DeNoise was used to reduce digital noise (sky).
  • Topaz Clarity was used to enhance details and boost colors (foreground, mountains).