Camera Lens Coffee Mug – Fun Gift for Photographers

Are you still wondering what to get for the photographer in your life? Wonder no more, we got you covered. Have you seen the cool camera lens coffee mugs? They are a fun and inexpensive gift for the professional or amateur photographer. 

Camera Lens Coffee Mug - Fun Gift for Photographers

We know photography can be an expensive hobby, and you may find it challenging to find the perfect gift at an affordable price for your photographer friend or loved one. Nothing says “Happy birthday” like a 00 camera lens! But let’s face it, that’s not most people’s reality.

We’ve never met a photographer who didn’t enjoy getting a camera lens coffee mug as a gift. It’s always a well-received gift in the photography world. It’s a useful item and also a cool conversation starter. 

Their camera lens travel mug will let them carry their favorite beverage out on photoshoots and drink out of what looks like a real lens. These camera lens mugs genuinely look like the real deal. They can fool even the pros!

Let’s take a look at our top picks of camera lens travel mugs on the market today.

Important Tip: It’s a good idea to know what camera brand your photographer uses. Photographers are quite faithful to their cameras. You don’t want to make the mistake of offering a Canon mug to a Nikon user. You may lose a friend if you do this! 😉 

Canon 24-105mm Camera Lens Coffee Mug

TMANGO Camera Lens Coffee Mug With Lid, Photo Coffee Cup, Stainless Steel Thermos Lens Mug Leak Proof For Photographer Lovers Present
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For your favorite Canon photographer on your list.

This is such an excellent replica of the popular Canon EF lens that it will sometimes get mistaken for the real thing. The 24-105mm lens is one of Canon’s best sellers and is a favorite go-to for many photographers. Imagine having a mug in the shape of your favorite lens!

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The stainless steel interior thermos cup can hold 14oz of hot or cold beverages and has a transparent BPA-free ABS lid that looks like the glass of the camera lens. Handy rubber bands on the exterior are excellent to provide a better grip on the mug.

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Canon 70-200mm Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Zeiwohndc Portable Camera Lens Shaped Thermos EF 70-200mm Drink Mug Coffee Cup 400ML,White & Balck
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Early mornings to get that perfect light, long shoots to nail the perfect shot, and late nights to capture the beautiful trailing stars are all part of a photographer’s life. They need lots of coffee to keep going. That’s why the Canon 70-200 Camera Lens coffee mug is a perfect gift for the coffee-loving photographer on your list.

This camera lens coffee mug is molded after the Canon zoom lens that many landscape, wedding, wildlife, and action photographers use. It can hold 16oz of hot or cold beverages inside its thermos stainless steel interior. 

It has exterior rubber strips for a better grip and a no-spill sip lid. It also comes with a storage travel bag that looks like the famous Canon lens bags. 

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Canon Mini Expresso Camera Lens Cup 24-105mm

Kangkang@ Mini Camera Lens Cup 24-105mm Coffee Tea Travel Mug Stainless Steel Thermos with Portable Key Chain Keyring caneca Copos
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This model is the cutest camera lens travel cup we’ve seen out there. It’s the perfect replica of the widely sold Canon 24-105mm lens in a miniature size to hold a shot of espresso or small food items like peanuts or candy. 

Like the other mugs, it has a stainless steel thermos interior and a safe BPA-free exterior. This small mug has a keychain keyring so your favorite photographer can attach it to his or her keys and carry it around at all times. 

Cute and useful! Sure to put a smile on your favorite photographer’s face.

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Stainless Steel Camera  Lens Coffee Mug with Foldable Spoon

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This one is another perfect replica of the popular Canon 24-105mm lens to offer to the photographer on your list. Like the other coffee mugs on our list, this one comes with a food-grade thermos stainless steel interior and BPA free exterior. 

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A little extra: This model comes with a neat foldable spoon so your photog friend can carry soup or other food items on his or her photo adventures. We all know that photographers sometimes go to places where they need to bring their own provisions to survive. 

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Nikon 24-70mm Camera Lens Coffee Mug

I am Mug Nikon 24-70mm Inspired Camera Lens Coffee Mug | Unique 12 Ounce Coffee Travel Mug | Unique Present for Photographers | Best Present Under 50 Dollars
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Now for the Nikon photographers on your list. The 24-70mm camera lens mug looks just like the real Nikon lens. Made with food-grade plastics and stainless steel, it’s the perfect thermos container made for hot or cold beverages. 

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The 12oz mug comes with a push-button lid opening for easy one-hand access. The lid also has a dual opening, one for sipping and the other for pouring. The bottom part of the coffee mug is a lens cap and comes off just like the real thing. This great coffee mug also comes with a travel tote bag.

Your Nikon photographer fan will love carrying this coffee mug everywhere. 

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Nikon 70-200 Mug with Handle Thermos

Gaodear Camera Lens Coffee Mug, Photo Coffee Cup Stainless Steel Thermos For Photographer Gift 580ml/19.61oz
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Here’s another one for the Nikon fans. This is the largest capacity camera lens coffee travel mug on our list. This baby can hold up to 20oz of liquid or food. Because we all know that photographers often need lots of coffee to keep going. 

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It’s one of the pricier ones on our list, but it also has a few extra features that the others don’t.

The mug is a look-alike of the 200mm lens and has a convenient handle that mimics the lens cradle on a real camera. Another cool feature is the lid that can be used as a cup or bowl. 

This mug, like all the others on our list, has FDA approved food-grade materials so it’s safe to drink and eat out of. 

Nikon camera users will love to take this thermos on photoshoots. Great gift idea for the Nikon photographer on your list. 

All of these fun camera lens coffee mugs can also be used as pencil holders or decorative pieces for the photographer’s desk. Fun gift ideas for the holidays, for birthdays, or to show your appreciation to your favorite photographer. 

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