How Big Is a 4×6 Photo? (Size in Pixels, Inches, Cm)

Are you trying to figure out how big is a 4×6 photo? If so, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you all the information about the size of 4×6 photos in different units, their aspect ratio, and recommended resolution for printing.

The dimensions of a 4×6 photo are approximately 4 inches by 6 inches or 4″ x 5 ⅞” (10 x 15cm / 101.6 x 152.4 mm), to be precise. This standard print size mirrors the aspect ratio of the image sensor of most digital cameras.

However, there is an exception when it comes to smartphones. Smartphones have a 4:3 aspect ratio, meaning you must crop their photos to fit into a 4×6 format.

How Big Is a 4x6 Photo?

How Big Is a 4×6 Photo in Centimeters?

10cm x 15cm

A centimeter is a metric unit of measurement. There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. To find out how many centimeters are in a 4×6 photo, we need to multiply 4 by 2.54 and 6 by 2.54. 

How Big Is a 4×6 Photo in Millimeters?

101.6 x 152.4 mm

There are 25.4 millimeters in an inch. Using inches to find the size of a 4×6 photo in millimeters, we would multiply 4 inches by 25.4 to get 101.6 millimeters in width and 6 inches by 25.4 to get 152.4 millimeters in height.

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How Big Is a 4×6 Photo in Pixels?

Pixels are the smallest units of measurement when it comes to digital images or graphics displayed on digital screens. The pixel dimension of a 4×6 photo varies depending on the image resolution.

  • At screen resolution (72ppi) – 432 x 288 pixels
  • At medium resolution (150ppi) – 1200 x 900 pixels
  • At high resolution (300ppi) – 1800 x 1200 pixels

The Origins Of the 4×6 Print Size

You might ask yourself, “Why is the 4×6 photo size the standard size?” The answer to this question lies in the history of photography and printing.

In the early days of photography, film photography was the most common type, and the standard cameras used 35mm film. 35mm film produced negatives with a width-to-height ratio of 3:2.

How Big Is a 4x6 Photo? (Size in Pixels, Inches, Cm) 2
35mm film

Many digital camera companies later adopted this aspect ratio for their camera sensors. The 4×6 photo has an identical 3:2 aspect ratio to 35mm film and APS-C and Full Frame digital sensors. 

What Is the Best Resolution for Printing 4×6 Photos?

  • 900 x 600 pixels (150ppi) is the ideal resolution for the most online printing services
  • 1800 x 1200 pixels (300ppi) might be required by high-end offset printing services
  • 700 x 500 pixels (125ppi) is a minimum requirement for printing 4×6 photos.
How Big Is a 4x6 Photo? (Size in Pixels, Inches, Cm) 3

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What Aspect Ratio Is a 4×6 Photo?

In photography, the aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between a picture’s dimensions, width, and height. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon. A photograph with a 1:1 aspect ratio is a square. A 2:1 ratio would be a photo twice as wide as tall.

The aspect ratio of a 4×6 photo is 3:2, which is the same aspect ratio as a 35mm negative or slide.

The aspect ratio of a 4×6 photo is also the same as that of digital cameras with APS-C and Full-frame sensors. 

How to Change the Aspect Ratio of Photo

If you shoot with a camera or a mobile phone with a 4×3 aspect ratio, you need to adjust it to the 3×2 ratio before printing 4×6 photos.

I recommend changing the aspect ratio in post-processing rather than in the camera. This will give you the freedom to compose the photograph and adjust its contents if you change your mind about whether you want to use a particular aspect ratio.

There are many editing programs available to enhance photos. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the industry standard, but many others have similar capabilities. Even cell phones frequently have an editing software that allows you to change the aspect ratio of any given photo.

How Big Is a 4x6 Photo? (Size in Pixels, Inches, Cm) 4
Changing aspect ratio in Lightroom

Whatever program you use, when you select “Crop”, there should be a drop down menu that asks you what aspect ratio you’d like to set the cropping tool to.

How Big Is a 4x6 Photo? (Size in Pixels, Inches, Cm) 5

How Big Is a 4×6 Photo? | Conclusion

4×6 printing size is a great format for many purposes. They are not too big or too small and can easily be stored and displayed. Make sure you print them at the correct resolution and aspect ratio; you will get fantastic quality prints.

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