GoPro Voice Commands: How to Use GoPro Voice Control

With GoPro voice commands, you can now take videos, photos, and more—without touching the camera.

GoPro voice commands let you control your camera with your voice. It’s like having your own personal action hero at your side, ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice – whether you’re surfing, biking, or rock climbing and need both hands to do what you love most or if you just want to keep your hands on the wheel while driving down the road.

GoPro Voice Commands

You can use your voice to start and stop recording videos or taking photos, and even turn your camera off (and in some cases turn on). GoPro voice control comes in 10 different languages and 12 voice commands. If you want to give a command, you simply have to say “GoPro” followed by that command. However, keep in mind that GoPro won’t answer back.

Does My GoPro Have Voice Control?

Yes! GoPro Hero 5 was the first model of GoPro to use voice commands. And since then, they never looked back. If you have a GoPro, you most likely have this feature – all you need to do is set up your camera and enable it in the settings menu. 

GoPro models starting with HERO5 have voice commands.
GoPro models starting with HERO5 have voice commands.

Do All GoPros Have Voice Commands?

No, they don’t. GoPro models released before the HERO5 do not feature voice controls. If you don’t see a voice command section in your camera’s settings, it doesn’t have voice control. Alternatively, you can use the GoPro app or a remote to control your camera, so you don’t have to touch it.

GoPro models released before the HERO5 do not feature voice controls.
GoPro models released before the HERO5 do not feature voice controls.

GoPro Action Commands

With Action Commands, you can quickly switch camera modes without manually changing modes yourself. For example, the command still works if you say “GoPro, Start Recording” and you’re in photo mode.

So action commands tell the GoPro what to do at that moment. For example, Capture and Stop Capture are action commands. They control when the GoPro takes a picture, so they act like a shutter button.

Action Commands are perfect for when you’re in the moment and don’t have time to stop what you’re doing and manually switch modes.

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To ask GoPro for something, you just have to say “GoPro…” followed by the following action commands:

  • “Capture” – works as a shutter button & starts recording/shooting (HERO7 cameras only) 
  • “Stop Capture” – works as a shutter button & stops recording/shooting (HERO7 cameras only)
  • “Start Recording” – to record a video
  • “HiLight” – to add a highlight tab while you’re recording
  • “Stop Recording” – to stop recording a video
  • “Take a Photo” – to take a picture
  • “Shoot Burst”  – to take burst photos
  • “Start Time Lapse” – to begin shooting a time-lapse
  • “Stop Time Lapse” – to stop shooting a time lapse
  • “That was Sick” (secret voice command; works like HiLight command)
  • “Oh shit!” (secret voice command; works like HiLight command)
  • “Turn Off” – to turn your camera off
  • “Turn On” – to turn your camera on(Only in HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black & Remo)

GoPro Mode Commands

As the name says, you can change your camera modes with these commands. They do not involve direct actions. 

With the GoPro HERO7 cameras, It’s good practice to keep your GoPro in the mode you want to use (whether it’s video, photo, or timelapse) and then just use the commands “Capture” and “Stop Capture.”

There are two important things to mention here:

  • These modes won’t be able to take photos or videos; they just allow you to switch from one means to another (e.g., from photo to video). You must use the capture commands to record or take a picture.
  • Switching won’t happen if your GoPro is in recording mode. 

If your camera is recording, simply stop it by:

  • pressing the shutter button
  • saying “GoPro Stop Capture.” 

Mode commands include:

  • “GoPro VIDEO MODE” – to switch to video mode (not to record)
  • “GoPro PHOTO MODE” – to switch to photo mode (not to take a photo)
  • “GoPro TIME LAPSE MODE” – to switch to time-lapse mode (not to start a time-lapse)

In a nutshell, by using Mode Commands, you can put your camera on standby and switch capture modes when the camera isn’t recording.

GoPro Voice Commands: How to Use GoPro Voice Control 1

How to Turn GoPro On or Off with Your Voice?

Did you know that some models have the option of turning your GoPro OFF or ON simply by using your voice – without clicking any buttons? This is what you have to do:

To turn your GoPro off, just say “GoPro…” followed by “Turn Off.”

To turn your GoPro on, you have to enable Wake on Voice

How to enable Wake on Voice:

  • Go to Preferences
  • Go to Voice Control
  • Go to Wake on Voice
  • Choose “ON” from the Menu

Now you can turn your GoPro on by saying “GoPro…” followed by “Turn On.” Be mindful that you can only use this feature a maximum of an hour after you turn it off.

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*only available in the following GoPro models: HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black & Remo 

How Do I Use GoPro Voice Commands?

There are three ways to use your GoPro’s voice control:

1. Using the shortcut panel on the back screen 

  • Go to the Default Settings panel. 
  • There is an icon in the top left corner that looks like a talking person
  • Switch between the ON/OFF toggle button

2. In the GoPro menu

  • Go to Preferences 
  • Select Voice Control
  • Select Voice Control again
  • Switch the ON/OFF toggle button

3. In the GoPro Quik app

  • Go to Camera Settings
  • Select Setup
  • Select Voice Control

Now that that’s done, you’re ready to go! Simply say a command like “GoPro Start Recording” or “GoPro Take a Photo.”

What Languages Supported by GoPro Voice Control?

GoPro voice controls support the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese 
  • Korean
  • Japanese

GoPro Voice Commands | Conclusion

GoPro cameras are designed to capture life’s most exciting moments, regardless of whether you’re on the slopes or in the middle of the action. The company has become synonymous with action sports and adventure travel, and its line of cameras is more than a simple device to capture videos. It is an entirely hands-free filming experience that allows users to capture their most memorable moments easily.

In conclusion, GoPro has revolutionized the way people film their activities. Using GoPro voice commands combined with body mounts is a great way to capture the moment without worrying about holding the camera.

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