Cape Tryon – Prince Edward Island

Cape Tryon always on my to-do list when I visit Prince Edward Island. It’s the one place I visit every time I’m there. It has all of my favorite landscape photography hallmarks: dramatic ocean views, a picturesque shoreline, a lighthouse, and endless fields. The cliffs are elevated about 30 meters over the sea and feature thousands of nesting birds. It’s all amazing – and it isn’t very well-known either, so there are few visitors.

When I first visited Prince Edward Island, I didn’t know about the existence of Cape Tryon either since it isn’t on any tourist maps or in any guides.

I discovered it when I was standing in line at the gas station in Charlottetown. I saw a postcard with an amazing aerial view of the PEI coastline with the caption “Cape Tryon”. Right away I knew I had to find it and photograph it. I bought the postcard, and with the help of Google Maps I managed to find it the next day.

Cape Tryon - Prince Edward Island 1
Prince Edward Island. Cape Tryon.
Loc: 48.7491, -64.163

Getting to Cape Tryon is a mini-adventure of its own. You have to cross a field on a narrow, unpaved one-lane road — and if you drive there after a rain, you risk getting stuck. Since there’s no cell coverage, you’re really on your own when you venture to this location. It reminds me of riding over deeply tracked unpaved roads in Russia when I was a child.

Cape Tryon - Prince Edward Island 2

At the end of your journey, however, you get rewarded with a beautiful flat spot at the top of a cliff where there is enough room to park a car. From there, you can take your camera and tripod and walk through fields and along the coastline for miles.

After a visit or two, it quickly became one of my favorite places on PEI, even on family vacations. It’s a great place for landscape photography and one of the unique Prince Edward Island highlights.


Cape Tryon is located on the northwestern coast of Prince Edward Island, two kilometers from a village called French River.

How to Get There

To get to Cape Tryon, turn off Route 20 at French River, drive through the harbor and turn left at Cape Road. Then after 900 meters, take the second right at Cape Tryon Rd.

Cape Tryon - Prince Edward Island 3
Cape Tryon - Prince Edward Island 4
Cape Tryon - Prince Edward Island 5

by Viktor Elizarov
I am a travel photographer and educator from Montreal, Canada, and a founder of PhotoTraces. I travel around the world and share my experiences here. Feel free to check my Travel Portfolio and download Free Lightroom Presets.

7 thoughts on “Cape Tryon – Prince Edward Island”

  1. The funny part of this article besides the amazing pictures you take is that the cliff is very similar to the portuguese one called Roca Cape. Roca Cape is the most western point of Europe, has 140 meters high above sea level (more or less 420 feets). Great pictures Viktor.

    • Luís, Portugal is definitely on my to-do list. Thanks for letting me know about Roca Cape, just added it to my Evernote travel folder.

  2. I am always curious about the time that photos are shot. There is always a certain aesthetic you get from shooting at a specific time. Personally, I love to shoot right before dusk, Pacific Time.

  3. Going to PEI this summer (2017) with our friends ( The Tryon’s). Staying in French River. I found Cape Tryon using Google and then found your link looking for photography locations. Thanks for the taking the time to post this information. I’m not sure if my Corvette can make it down that road, but I’m not afraid of dirt. I think the B&B has bicycles we can use.


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