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The Popularity of HDR Photography exploded in recent years. Everybody does HDR now. These days you can find HDR functionality even in entry level mobile phones. But before I move any further I want to address the main misconception about HDR Photography.

First, let’s define what HDR Photography is. HDR Photography is the process of taking multiple photos (bracketing) and merging them into one single image with extended dynamic range. That’s all. HDR is the process and not a style of photography. The way final image looks is totally up to the photographer.

When you see overcooked, oversaturated, over everything image, do not blame technology, blame person who applied that technology.

The goal of this blog is to share my experience on how to create beautiful images using different types of technology. One of them is HDR Photography.

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For me, HDR Photography is a direct result of photo gear manufacturers miserable failure . Even with latest rapid advances in camera technology, the dynamic range of even the best digital camera remains much smaller than a human eye. Thus, the best camera on the market can interpret only part of our human experience.

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This is where software people came up with the brilliant hack: HDR Photography. The goal of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is to artificially increase the Dynamic Range of a given photograph, making it as close as possible to human experience. The concept is relatively simple: you take multiple photos with different exposures and use various software tools to merge them into a single image with extended dynamic range.

HDR Tutorials and Guides on PhotoTraces

HDR Photography Tutorials - HDR In Lightroom

HDR In Lightroom. The Workflow

Since Adobe introduced the HDR Merge module in Lightroom 6, the Lightroom-based HDR editing became ​the centerpiece of my natural-looking HDR workflow.

The most unique feature of Lightroom HDR is that after merging multiple images, it produces DNG image​ allowing us to stay in non destructive RAW workflow.

HDR Photography Tutorials - Creating HDR Panoramas

Creating HDR Panoramas In Lightroom

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create and stitch HDR panoramas directly in Lightroom.

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