Best Universal Camera Quick Release Plate – Under $12

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Best Universal Camera Quick Release Plate - Under $12

Since I switched camera systems from Sony to Fujifilm, I noticed a change in how I take photos.

I use the tripod less often and take more photos handheld.

There are two main reasons for such a change:

First, the Fujifilm XT2 produces better quality high ISO images. When shooting with the Sony a6000, I always tried to keep the ISO at bay around 100 to 200. But, the Fuji XT2 produces clean photos at an ISO 800. I am no longer afraid of shooting landscapes with an ISO 1000.

Second, the Fuji XT2 has an advanced Auto ISO functionality. It calculates the minimum acceptable Shutter Speed value based on the focal length in use.

For example, I have the Fujinon 18-135mm attached to the camera, so the Auto ISO sets a different minimum Shutter Speed when I shoot at 18mm, 70mm, or 135mm.

This means that, no matter what, I am never in danger of entering a potentially hazardous area of blurred photos.

When shooting with Sony, I always had my camera strap attached to the default rectangular rings of the camera (see image below) and never had a need for changing it.

But, with Fuji, I realized that when I go for a long walk or a hike, having the camera attached to the top rectangular rings is not very comfortable. I needed a solution to attach one end of the camera strap to a quick release plate.

It seemed like an easy task to find a quick release model—one that I can use with my tripod and my camera strap.

Sadly, this was not the case.

It took me almost six months and three failed purchases to find a model I liked.

The first model I ordered was too big for my mirrorless setup. It was wider than the Fuji XT2 body. There was no way for me to use it.

The next two models simply did not work as I expected. Every time I needed to attach my camera to a tripod, I had to detach the camera strap from the plate. It was a total waste of time.

Finally, my last attempt was a success. As usual, the cheapest model worked the best.

Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate

Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate Aluminum Alloy 1/4' Screw Mount with Attachment Loop for Arca-Swiss Standard Ball Head Tripod for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Camera

Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate

I use the Peak Design Leash Camera Strap, which is perfect for my mirrorless setup. Now, I have two attachment points connected to default rectangular rings with a third one connected to the Andoer quick release plate. I never remove them. Most importantly, when I need to attach the camera to a tripod, I do not have to detach the strap.

Fujifilm Xt2 Camera and Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate

It was the best $12 I spent this summer.

If you have your favorite inexpensive favorite photo accessory, please share with us in the comment section below.

  • GD Rothenberg says:

    Will this work with the L bracket that you show in the top picture with the Sony?

    • Viktor Elizarov says:

      yes, it does work with my old universal L bracket, but I think it would be overkill

  • EJ Petranek says:

    What is the model # on the ball head in the main picture?

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