Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals For Photographers

Black Friday week starts the holiday shopping season full of discount and promotions. It can be noisy and overwhelming, but it is by far the best time of the entire year to save money on photography gear, editing tools, and training.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals For Photographers

To help readers of my blog and my mailing list subscribers I compiled the list of my very best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for photographers. Please note, that I only included products and services I personally use in my photography or my business.

Black Friday 2020 is November 27th!

I will be updating this page with the new deals until the end of December.

Amazon Photography Deals

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B&H Photography Deals

Selective Camera Deals

Selective Lens Deals

Peak Design is one of my favorite photography brands and they are having a huge holiday sale this year!

Topaz Labs are running the best sale of the year by far.

The Everything Bundle

You can save an additional 15% off the price by using my discount code: PHOTOTRACES

The Everything Bundle (excluding Video Enhance AI)

You have the option to remove Video Enhance AI from the bundle, which removes $100 from the price ($199).

You can save an additional 15% off the price by using our discount code: PHOTOTRACES

Check my article here to learn how I used Topaz products in my photography: Topaz Software Review – How I use Topaz Plugins

Skylum Black Friday promotion is here. The highly anticipated new generation Luminar AI will be released on December 15th, but now you can preorder it at a very deep discount of up to 80%.

The Black Friday promotion comes in 2 tiers: for existing Luminar and Aurora HDR users and new customers. Existing users get an additional loyalty discount.

Existing Luminar Users

And for an additional $20, you can get a full version of the Aurora HDR program, which is an absolute steal.

New Customers

From my perspective, no matter if you are an existing user or a new customer, $64 or $69 for a brand new Luminar Ai is a bargain.

Jimmy McIntyre only runs 2 promotions per year across all of his photography products, and that time of year has come around again.

Check my reviews:

I rely on a variety of online services and tools to run my photography business. But, if I had to choose only one service that is the most impactful to my photography and my business, I would not hesitate in making the choice. SmugMug is, by far, the most valuable piece of the puzzle in my online business.

SmugMug is where I keep all my original photos, manage my portfolio and generate sales. Plus, every single photo you can see on my blog is hosted on SmugMug servers.

Check the article: The Way I Use SmugMug in My Photography Business

CreativeLive is an online education platform with a unique business model that broadcasts classes live. The live broadcast is free, but if you want to follow any of the courses at your own pace, you have to purchase the course.

CreativeLive has two major benefits for users:

  • If you cannot afford to purchase the course at full price, you can dedicate enough time to follow the course during the live broadcast. This is free.
  • If you are looking for a great course to purchase, CreativeLive gives you an incredible opportunity to test drive the course to see if you like the instructor and format before buying.

Check my review here: CreativeLive: Free High-Quality Photo Education

If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective hosting for your WordPress blog look no further.

Bluehost is where was hosted for 3 years. You can host your WordPress website for only $2.65/month.

Black Friday – Cyber Monday promotion. No coupon is necessary.

Finally, with the release of Photo RAW 2021 from ON1, we have a real competitor to Adobe Lightroom. Photo RAW is positioned not only as a solid alternative to Lightroom but to Photoshop as well.

Plus, only a few weeks ago ON1 released a series of professional plugins: Portrait AI, On1 Effects, On1 ReSize, and On1 HDR

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