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Workflow editing bundle for Lightroom. Over 500 professional presets and profiles. Compatible with Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Creative Cloud (CC), and Lightroom Mobile.

Long before the Travel Pro Kit became a commercial product, it was an invaluable tool in my travel photography business.

My main motivation behind developing the Travel Pro Kit was to accomplish two main objectives.

First, as a travel photographer, I use a very minimalistic editing workflow during my travels, but, occasionally, I have to process photos on the road and need robust yet simple tools to work with a variety of photography styles from landscapes to environmental portraits and cityscapes.

Second, I need tools that will help me edit and process a high volume of RAW images in an efficient and streamlined process once I return home from my travels.

The Travel Pro Kit helps accomplish just that.

Travel Pro Kit Has 7 Main Components:

  1. Style Presets Collections (3 collections, 150 presets)
  2. TOOLKIT – Adjustment Presets (55)
  3. TOOLKIT for Landscapes (65)
  4. TOOLKIT for Portraits (45)
  5. Opacity PLUS Preset Collections (290)
  6. Creative RAW Profiles (24)
  7. Enhanced RAW Demo Images (5)

All presets are compatible with Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic and the Creative Cloud (CC), and Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop ACR. Works on both Mac and PC. Works with RAW and JPEG images.

Access to Members’ Area where you can find product downloads, instructions, and tutorials.

Unprocessed RAW Image
Napa Preset from Landscape Collection
Peek-a-boo preset from Landscape Collection

1. Style Presets Collections

The Style presets are the cornerstone of the Lightroom Rapid Editing workflow.

The Style Presets define the “look” and the style of the photographs. For example: cool or warm, cross-processed or natural, contrasted, or soft.

Travel Pro Kit comes with the 3 distinctive preset collections tailored for the key types of travel photography: LandscapesCityscapes, and People photography

Unprocessed RAW Image
Florence preset from Landscape Collection
Monaco preset from Landscape Collection

2. TOOLKIT – Adjustment Presets

The TOOLKIT is the collection of adjustment presets that allow fine-tuning of a photo without altering the style or creating any specific look. The adjustment presets help you to customize the look produced by STYLE presets.

Unprocessed RAW Image
Napa Preset from Landscape Collection
Peek-a-boo preset from Landscape Collection

3. TOOLKIT for Landscapes

The standard TOOLKIT allows you to apply a series of adjustments (i.e. Exposure, Saturation, Clarity, Contrast, etc.) to an entire image. But the TOOLKIT for Landscapes gives you the ability to target different areas of the landscape separately.


The adjustment presets 01-21 are designed to target areas of the sky (blue and aqua tones). You can adjust the Brightness, Saturation, and Color Shift


The adjustment presets 26-44 will help you target the vegetation in your landscapes (green and yellow tones). You can adjust the Brightness, Saturation, and Color Shift


If your landscape photo has areas that are not covered by vegetation like deserts, mountains, and canyons, you can use the adjustment presets 45-58 to change their properties. You can adjust Brightness, Saturation, and Color Shift

Unprocessed RAW Image
Kodachrome preset from Landscape Collection
Rainbow Bridge preset from Landscape Collection

4. TOOLKIT for Portraits

As you probably noticed, the way you edit landscapes is very different from the way you edit portraits. The main difference is that you must deal with people’s skin and try to preserve it as naturally as possible. 

There was no way for me to create a universal toolkit that would work for both people and nature photography. For that reason, I created the TOOLKIT for Portraits. 


Most of the portrait adjustment presets (01-34) are dedicated to treating areas of the skin. You can separately target Color, Saturation, Brightness, and Smoothness

General Adjustments

The general adjustments allow you to add grain and vignette to the entire image.

Unprocessed RAW Image
Meadow preset from Landscape Collection
Black Mamba preset from Portrait Collection

5. PLUS Preset Collections

One of the biggest limitations in Lightroom is the lack of an Opacity functionality, which is a function found in most editing programs including Photoshop.

To overcome this unnecessary complexity, I came up with a hack.

The hack is very simple. For each preset, I created six additional versions that reduced the strength of editing effects by 10% for each variation.

New Functionality

Photographers who are familiar with my Lightroom Rapid Editing PLUS workflow will notice the addition of 125% and 150% versions of the presets. The idea here is to make presets to behave more like filters. Now each preset in PLUS collectins has the functionality not only to reduce the editing effects but to amplify them as well.

Unprocessed RAW Image
Napa Preset from Landscape Collection

6. Cross Pro Kit – RAW Profiles Collection

As the foundation for the Cross Pro Kit, I took the concept of cross processing that originated in film photography during the 1960s. Cross processing is when you deliberately develop film with the wrong chemicals to produce interesting and artsy effects.

The cornerstone of the Cross Pro Kit is the Split Toning functionality in Lightroom and Photoshop that allows us to emulate the cross processing effect of analog photography.

The Cross Pro Kit is a collection of 20 Profiles that produce different cross processed styles.

The opacity functionality of the Profiles makes it easy to adjust the strength of the effects.

Unprocessed RAW Image
Edited with Canyonlands RAW profile
Edited with Biscayne RAW profile

7. Enhanced RAW Demo Images

The Travel Pro Kit Kit comes with Enhanced Demo Images in RAW format with prerecorded editing steps.

When you import them into Lightroom, you can access the editing steps I used in the case studies through the Snapshots Panel of Lightroom’s Develop Module.

You can click through each step to see how the effects were achieved.

Landscape Demo Image
Travel Portrait Demo Image
Cityscape Demo Image
Landscape Demo Image

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