Chimney Rock in Kodachrome (Utah)

The Kodachrome is a relatively small state park. You could probably cover all its trails and visit it from corner to corner in two to three days. But, despite being small, it presents … Read more

Kodachrome Sunset Colors (Utah)

The featured photo is from the place I did not know existed at the time I was planning my latest trip to Arizona and Utah. The place called Kodachrome Basin State Park in … Read more

Burned Tree at the Bryce Canyon (Utah)

The featured photo fully reflects my latest photography trip to the Southwest I completed last week. I spent two weeks driving through Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California, completing 5500km and camping in the … Read more

Navajo Loop Trail (Utah)

The day I visited the Bryce Canyon National park I had two goals in mind. First, to hike down to the amphitheater, the bottom part of the canyon. Second, I wanted to photograph … Read more

Goosenecks State Park (Utah)

When I was organizing my third trip to the Southwest, I was extremely thorough. I planned nearly all the sunrises, sunsets and everything in between. But, the Goosenecks State Park in Utah was … Read more

Navajo Trail in Bryce Canyon (Utah)

After visiting Bryce Canyon on a couple of occasions, I still hadn’t fulfilled my dream of hiking down to the bottom of the canyon with my photography gear. The first time, I was … Read more

Forest Gump Point (Utah)

This spot on route US-163 in Utah between Mexican Hut and the Monument Valley became famous after movie Forest Gump. This is the spot where in the movie Forest decided to stop running. … Read more