Guide to Monument Valley Scenic Drive

Monument Valley is located outside the popular tourist routes in the Utah-Arizona region, which is why it was not a popular location for a long time. Neighboring locations such as the Grand Canyon, … Read more

Monument Valley Open View (Arizona)

Today’s photo features the iconic view of the Monument Valey I witnessed right after entering the Navajo tribal park. I saw this open view of the valley on many photographs before visiting the … Read more

John Ford’s Point (Arizona)

The John Ford’s Point, without doubt, is the most iconic and recognizable spot in the Monument Valley. At the same time, it is probably the busiest place in the park. Because its proximity … Read more

Forest Gump Point (Utah)

This spot on route US-163 in Utah between Mexican Hut and the Monument Valley became famous after movie Forest Gump. This is the spot where in the movie Forest decided to stop running. … Read more