Orange Row in Old Montreal (Canada)

Having daily access to Old Montreal gives you a unique opportunity to be surrounded by history, old architecture, and amazing photo discoveries. When I worked in Old Montreal I had the habit of … Read more

Old Montreal Locks Perspective

I was lucky enough to work in Old Montreal for 10 years. What this means is that every single day I had access to beautiful Old Montreal and the Old Port. Even if … Read more

Sunset Though the Stone Leg (Montreal)

This is a unique place in Montreal’s Lachine borough. As part of the Musée de Lachine (Lachine Museum) more than 20 huge sculptures are permanently featured in the neighboring René-Lévesque Park. My favorites … Read more

Hole in the Sky (Montreal)

I am not a very big fan of winters in general, but even more I dislike them as a photographer. I know that many photographers thrive in winters, but not me. It was … Read more