December Landscape (Montreal)

When you look at the featured photo, the scene looks colorful and vibrant. But it was not like that in reality; I cheated. It was December in Montreal and, by that time, all … Read more

Vibrant Sunset (Montreal)

I am not a winter person; I do not like the cold. Winter landscapes only excite me for a short period of time because they tend to be extremely monotonal. It is not … Read more

Translucent Icy Panorama (Montreal)

It was the middle of December before the official start of winter in Eastern Canada. The temperature unexpectedly dropped below -20°C, which is uncommon for this time of year. Then, we had extremely … Read more

Ice Patterns in Montreal (Canada)

The year that I took the featured photo we had a very cold and early winter here in eastern Canada. Everything was frozen solid by the end of November. It was not until … Read more

Autumn Sunset Colors (Montreal)

I consider autumn to be the best season here in Montreal. Let me explain. The winters in Quebec are too long and too cold. The spring season is almost nonexistent, the transition from … Read more

Urban Goose (Montreal)

I live not far from a beautiful park located on the bench of Saint Lawrence River. I visit the park on a pretty much daily basis. This where I go for a run, … Read more

Frozen Sunset (Montreal)

The featured photo is a part of the testing strategy I put in place when I considering switching from Sony to Fujifilm. Since I had my doubts about the switch, I kept shooting … Read more