Introduction to Lightroom Rapid Editing System

How the change in my photo editing workflow made me a better photographer

Do you know what two factors are vital in establishing your style in photography?

Time and consistency.

Let me introduce my photo editing system that not only saved me an enormous amount of time editing, it also made my photography more consistent.

Essentially, this system helped me develop and establish my personal style.

I know it can help you as well.


You Will Learn:
  • How the evolution of the photography affected the way I edit my photos
  • How two levels of Lightroom preset editing helped me develop the Rapid Editing System
  • How to apply the Rapid Editing System in a real life scenario with detailed demonstration

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Pelican Point at Point Lobos (California)

Another photo from Point Lobos State Reserve in California which is located a short distance from Monterey and Carmel. The day I took the featured photo I spent the afternoon exploring the southern part of the park. I was shooting from Pelican Point with a partial view of the beautiful Gibson Beach on the left side and with the mountains of the Big Sur in the background..

California. Big Sur. Point Lobos
Loc: 36.523464, -121.952609

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Burning Man and Creating Photo Series

This article is the second installment of my case study dedicated to Burning Man and Lightroom Rapid Editing.

If you remember, last year, in the original Burning Man article, my daughter returned from her very first Burning Man and needed to process and edit a high volume of photos. That was when she was just starting to learn photography. I introduced her to Lightroom Rapid Editing and she managed to process 1000 photos in just a couple of hours. I was also incredibly proud that she managed to achieve some very interesting results with her photos.

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Big Sur Magnificent View (California)

I just returned from the one week long trip to California. It was not a very well-planned, last minute trip.

I flew to Los Angeles and took my time driving to San Francisco along California State Route #1. I stayed for a night in Morro Bay and it took me two days to get to San Francisco.

I spent the rest of the trip around San Francisco and at the very end of my stay, I took a one day trip to Yosemite.

It was supposed to be a short and relaxing trip but when I was returning the rental car at San Jose airport, ready to fly back to Montreal, I realized that in 7 days I drove for 3000km (1800 miles).

Big Sur. California
Big Sur. California
Loc: 36.348258, -121.896807


In general, the trip was not too favorable with the regards to photography. The weather was hot with hazy air and absolutely no clouds for the duration of the trip. The only exception was the afternoon of the last day of the trip just when I was ready to fly home.

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Driving Through Kolob Terrace (Utah)

That was the day of my driving trip through the Southwest when all my plans went down the drain.

I woke up before the sunrise in the town of Kanab (Utah) and drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where I was planning the spend the rest of the day including the sunset. You can imagine my surprise when I reached the Jacob Lake junction and discovered that the North Rim was still closed to the public. I guess I did not read the small print while planning my trip back in Montreal.

I had no idea the North Rim is closed for the winter for 6 months every year from November 15the through May 15th.

Since it was my last day allocated to Utah and Arizona and I had not backup plans and no time for emergency planning, I went to Zion National Park for help. At the Canyon Overlook Trail, I talked to the employees of the park and asked to recommend me something less obvious than Angels Landing. They pointed me to the Kolob Terrace is a lesser popular section of Zion, accessible by the Kolob Terrace Road.

The Kolob Terrace Road offers completely different perspective on Zion National Park. For 30-40km the road winding up and up until it reached the altitude of 2500m (8000 feet) from where you can observe pretty much the entire park in one panoramic view.

This is where I spent the entire day and took the featured photo just before the sunset.

Travel Photography - Driving through Zion National Park in Utah
Utah. Zion National Park
Loc: 37.264811, -113.111445

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Campground on Grand Manan Island (New Brunswick)

This is probably the most spectacular campground I had the chance to visit. The first time I encountered it probably 10 years ago while exploring the Bay of Fundy in Atlantic Canada.

The campground is set on top of the cliffs of the island and it is a perfect location for whale watching while having a quiet meal.

At the time I took the featured photo the morning fog was not completely gone and I really liked the effect it created by hiding the horizon. It looked if the ocean was seamlessly transitioning into the sky.

Travel Photography - Hole in the Wall Campground - Grand Manan Island
Canada. New Brunswick. Grand Manan Island
Loc: 44.776021, -66.741115

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Southwest Head on Foggy Morning (New Brunswick)

It is becoming a tradition for me to visit Southwest Head the first thing after arriving at Grand Manan Island.

Normally, at the time of arrival of the first ferry of the day, it is still foggy on the island.  The Southwest Head is the tip of the island from where the fog starting to disappear first and this is the spot from where I start my photo exploration of the island.

This time, the fog lasted much longer than usually and I had a perfect opportunity to take a long hike along the cliffs of the south shore of the island.

Travel Photography - Canada. New Brunswick. Grand Manan Island. Southwest Head Light House
Canada. New Brunswick. Grand Manan Island
Loc: 44.601962, -66.905717

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Driving Along the South Shore of O’ahu (Hawaii)

The South Shore coastal drive is probably the most scenic drive on Oahu island of Hawaii. The main reason for that is that its views are not obstructed by the trees and it runs very closely to the shore without taking you inland.

During my first visit to O’ahu, I drove along the drive, at least, a few dozen of times because at the end of the drive was located the famous Sandy Beach where I learned how to bodysurf and almost broke my back.

Good times.

Travel Photography - Driving Along the South Shore of O'ahu (Hawaii)
Hawaii. O’ahu. South Shore
Loc: 21.273974, -157.687961

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Early Morning in Big Sur (California)

In the past few years, I visited Big Sur on many occasions and I consider it one of the most rewarding destinations for any travel photographer.

But somehow, all my encounters with Big Sur happened in the late afternoon and evening hours. Normally, when planning my trips, I start with the scheduling all my sunsets and sunrises first. And since I prefer to arrange my California coastal trips driving from South to North, the Big Sur is always the latest destination of the day.

During my last coastal drive along California State Route 1, I decided to change the pattern. Even though I once again drove from South to North, I decided to visit the Big Sur the first thing in the morning after spending a night in Monterey.

In the morning light, the Point Sur Lightstation looked very different but it was still beautiful and breathtaking.

California. Big Sur. Point Sur Lightstation
California. Big Sur. Point Sur Lightstation
Loc: 36.326319, -121.894188

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End of Summer (Prince Edward Island)

The beauty of visiting Prince Edward Island is because of its relatively small in size, you can have an enormous variety of the scenes in a very short period of time.

The day I took the featured photo, I drove for 400km covering the coastal drives of the North Shore, East Shore and South Shore. And each part of the drive had its own distinctive feature. The drive started with the famous red cliffs of the island later the landscape transformed into beautiful dunes with the endless beaches. When I reached the East Shore it was the turn for the fields to dominate the view.

Even though it was a hot and humid afternoon it felt that the summer was almost over.

Canada. Prince Edward Island. East Shore
Canada. Prince Edward Island. East Shore
Loc: 45.978567, -62.512368

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