Frozen Sunset (Montreal)

The featured photo is a part of the testing strategy I put in place when I considering switching from Sony to Fujifilm. Since I had my doubts about the switch, I kept shooting … Read more

First Snow (Montreal)

It is rare when the first snow of winter stays around for a long time. Typically, it melts right away or by the following morning. But, this year was different. We got 25cm … Read more

Frozen Montreal

We are having a strange year in regard to the weather here in Montreal. After an uninspiring summer, we had a very hot fall with unusual temperatures between 20°C (70°F) and 30°C (86°F) … Read more

Burning Tree (Montreal)

The featured photo stars the most famous and distinctive tree in the Rene Levesque park in Montreal. Every fall it turns red. And I am not talking about fall foliage with the hint … Read more

Framing the Autumn (Montreal)

The featured photo illustrates perfectly the reason the fall is by far my favorite time of the year for landscape photography. The scene has pretty much all colors of the spectrum. The tree … Read more

Autumn Sky on Fire (Montreal)

It was completely unexpected and unplanned photo. I spent two hours in the park hunting for a good light. But, the thick clouds were blocking the sunlight making the scene flat and boring.When … Read more