Hopewell Rocks Low Tide Wall (Canada)

When I entered the Hopewell Rock coastal park in the morning, the tide was still at its highest level for the day. All the entrances to the beach were closed. The only way to access the coastal area was to rent a kayak and paddle around the rocks because the entire coastal area was submerged under 10 meters of water.

My goal was to explore and photograph the Hopewell Rocks when the low tide exposes the rock formations and you have unique opportunities to photograph the area from the bottom of the sea.

I had a quick lunch and by the noon park staff started to let people to the beach area. It took the featured photo at 12:30 and it was still wet and muddy on the beach, but I did not complain because it was still relatively empty with not too many people around.

Canada. New Brunswick. Hopewell Rocks
Loc: 45.823139, -64.572931

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Niagara Falls – Misty Sunrise (Canada)

This is one of my older photos I took when I was still shooting with Canon. I stumbled upon it by accident while cleaning my Lightroom archives.

I took it one summer morning while visiting Niagara Falls. The famous falls are about 650km from Montreal where I live, and it always makes a nice 2-3 day driving trip.

The Niagara Falls are magnificent, but the surrounding area is extremely uninspiring, to put it mildly, with Buffalo on the USA side and town of Nagra Falls on the Canadian side which is a pure definition of "tourist trap."

The morning I took the featured photo, I was standing next to the Horseshoe Falls, the biggest and most famous part of the Niagra Falls. I was shooting towards the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls through the mist generated by the power of falling water of the big falls.

At the horizon, you can see the Rainbow Bridge which connects Canada and USA. If you stand in the middle of the bridge you can have one leg on USA side and another on Canadian side.

Big Sur – Rocky Creek Bridge (California)

​Canada. Ontario
Loc: 43.079780, -79.078391

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Frozen Sunset (Montreal)

The featured photo is a part of the testing strategy I put in place when I considering switching from Sony to Fujifilm. Since I had my doubts about the switch, I kept shooting with both camera brands for six weeks. And, only when I was happy with my new Fujifilm setup I made the final decision and sold all of my Sony gear.

You can learn more about the switch here: Switching from Sony to Fujifilm. Not What I Expected At All

At the time I took the featured photo, I had only Fuji XT2 camera body and one lens, Fujinon 18-135. The duo became my ultimate travel setup, where I had both camera and lens are weather sealed.

Big Sur – Rocky Creek Bridge (California)

​Montreal. Canada
Loc: 45.42919, -73.68833

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First Snow (Montreal)

It is rare when the first snow of winter stays around for a long time. Typically, it melts right away or by the following morning.

But, this year was different. We got 25cm of snow and the temperature quickly dropped below -10C. It looks like the first snow of winter is here to stay.

It was perfect timing for me to test my new travel photography setup. I have a new Fujifilm XT-2, which is weather sealed with a dual memory card slot and a weather sealed 18-135mm Fujinon lens.

For a long time, I wanted a more robust camera and lens combo for my travels so, I am excited to see if this combination will live up to my expectations.

Montreal. Canada
Loc: 45.42919, -73.68833

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Frozen Montreal

We are having a strange year in regard to the weather here in Montreal. After an uninspiring summer, we had a very hot fall with unusual temperatures between 20°C (70°F) and 30°C (86°F) through September and October.

After only one month of true fall-like weather, we are now having a solid winter with steady temperatures in the double digits below freezing and plenty of snow at the beginning of December.

The strong wind in combination with the low temperatures has created some fantastic ice formations by the Saint Lawrence River.

Montreal. Canada
Loc: 45.42919, -73.68833

And the photo below I took from the exactly the same spot only a few days earlier.

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The End of the Season of Colors (Montreal)

This is the last photo of my Fall Colors series where I feature the transformation in nature over three months of the autumn.

By the end of November, most of the leaves are gone, the temperature is close to freezing point, and it is not easy to find the vivid and bright colors.

My goal here was to bring the exciting colors and textures during the editing phase.

Montreal. Canada
Loc: 45.42919, -73.68833


It was quiet afternoon with absolutely no wind and I did not feel the need to use my tripod. I took a couple of shots handheld with my go-to lens Sony 16-70 and that was it.

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Colorful and Windy Sunset (Montreal)

I keep going back to my Fall Colors series where I feature vivid images from autumn.

It was a chilly and windy afternoon in Montreal but, like we all know, bad weather often equals excellent photo opportunities.

Long before the sunset, I was in Rene Levesque park hunting for interesting shots. Although I had a tripod with me, I decided against using it because of the extreme wind.

I am not sure that I like the composition here, but I am happy that I managed to capture such vivid and distinctive colors.

Montreal. CanadaLoc: 45.42919, -73.68833


Besides the wind, the shooting was easy and uncomplicated. I opened up the aperture and shot hand-held in single shot mode.

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Burning Tree (Montreal)

The featured photo stars the most famous and distinctive tree in the Rene Levesque park in Montreal. Every fall it turns red. And I am not talking about fall foliage with the hint of red; I mean full blown crimson.

But it does not last long. The window of opportunity is 7-10 only, and it is easy to miss it. This time I was spot on. It was early afternoon in the middle of the week, and the park was pretty much empty. I had plenty of time to experiment and compose the right shot.


To compose this shot I had to step back and shoot from the bike path. The challenge was to spot approaching cyclists and avoid them.

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Framing the Autumn (Montreal)

The featured photo illustrates perfectly the reason the fall is by far my favorite time of the year for landscape photography.

The scene has pretty much all colors of the spectrum. The tree on the left is entirely red, and the one on the right is still green without any traces of fall foliage. The vegetation across the marina is full of gold hues. And all of those warm tones are contrasted with cooler colors of the sky and the water.


I spend at least 30-40 min at the scene trying to frame the shot I wanted. I tried different focal lengths, and various positions until I realized that the symmetrical composition with the church in the middle would work the best here.

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Autumn Sky on Fire (Montreal)

It was completely unexpected and unplanned photo. I spent two hours in the park hunting for a good light. But, the thick clouds were blocking the sunlight making the scene flat and boring.

When the sun was below the horizon, I gave up and started walking home. This was when the magic happened. For 4-5 short minutes, the sun illuminated the entire sky, from the horizon all the way to the top, rendering some unrealistic and saturated colors.


I did not have time any fancy shooting techniques. I just started shooting frantically individual shots until the fire in the sky was gone.

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