Frozen Sunset (Montreal)

The featured photo is a part of the testing strategy I put in place when I considering switching from Sony to Fujifilm. Since I had my doubts about the switch, I kept shooting … Read more

First Snow (Montreal)

It is rare when the first snow of winter stays around for a long time. Typically, it melts right away or by the following morning. But, this year was different. We got 25cm … Read more

Frozen Montreal

We are having a strange year in regard to the weather here in Montreal. After an uninspiring summer, we had a very hot fall with unusual temperatures between 20°C (70°F) and 30°C (86°F) … Read more

Burning Tree (Montreal)

The featured photo stars the most famous and distinctive tree in the Rene Levesque park in Montreal. Every fall it turns red. And I am not talking about fall foliage with the hint … Read more