HDR Photography Bundle

creating HDR photos has never been so easy

The combination of the Lightroom Merge to HDR module and the
Lightroom Rapid Editing allows us to produce natural looking and well balanced HDR images in minutes.

Viktor Elizarov Founder of PhotoTraces

There is no more need for Photomatix or any dedicated HDR programs. Even Photoshop can be eliminated from a streamlined HDR workflow.

Why the Rapid Editing for HDR?

  • Accelerated Learning: Learn photo editing and photo processing fast
  • Instant Result: Achieve “professional” level results in no time
  • Artistic: Expedite the development of your personal style of photography
  • Speed: Save an enormous amount of time by automating and systematizing the process of photo editing

Unprocessed Image

Rapid Editing for HDR applied

How the Rapid Editing for HDR Works

The concept of the Rapid Editing System was born when I realized that 80% of my editing steps were identical for every photo and only 20% of my efforts were spent on what really mattered: making every photo unique.

When I automated that 80% by using two levels of preset editing, the entire process became rapid and simplified.

Step ONE

Merge multiple bracketed photos to HDR using Lightroom Photo Merge to HDR module

Estimated time of editing: 2 min​

Step TWO

By using the STYLE preset collection, you define the overall LOOK of the photograph

Estimated time of editing: 2 min​


By using the TOOLKIT adjustment presets, you fine tune the final look of the photograph.

Estimated time of editing: 5 min​

Free Black & White Lightroom Presets - Toolkit Adjustments

Step FOUR (Optional)

Use Lightroom Rapid Editing PLUS "virtual opacity" functionality to dial down the editing effect.

Estimated time of editing: 1 min​

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Here’s what’s included in this download:

  • 20 1-Click HDR Style presets
  • 4 Presets that emulate the Photomatix famous look
  • 80 page eBook with Step by Step Tutorial on how to use Lightroom Rapid Editing System for HDR photography
  • 41 TOOLKIT adjustment presets
  • “Reset All” preset that reverts your image to its original state
  • Source RAW photos used in the tutorials

eBook Contents

Unprocessed Image

Rapid Editing for HDR applied