Review: Sony Mirrorless A6000 vs A6300 Comparison

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18 months ago I sold all my Canon equipment and bought mirrorless Sony A6000.

I loved A6000 for its compact size, incredible image quality and extended dynamic range. But, since it was a very first model of Sony’s A6xxx line it had plenty of shortcomings. I waited patiently for the next version but it took whole 2 years for Sony to announce A6300.

My expectations were high. Knowing how fast Sony innovates its cameras, I thought that even generational updates would be groundbreaking. And, when It was announced 100% price increased compared to A6000 I anticipated professional grade APS-C camera.

But it was not the case.

Today I am featuring a comprehensive comparison by Maarten Heilbron of A6000 vs A63000 and let you decide if it worth to upgrade.