Head to Head: Sony a6300 vs Canon 80D

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When I switched from DSLR to Mirrorless system I was shooting with Canon 60D. Now, after shooting with Sony a6000 for almost two years I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to a new Sony a6300 or skip it for now.

And when I came across this review from funny guys from DigitalRev TV it caught my attention right away. The compare the Sony a6300, the camera I am considering to get, with the Canon 80D the camera I would be probably shooting right now if I had stayed with Canon.


  • Viktor, thanks for sharing this. I often watch their reviews but somehow missed this one. I made the jump from point and shoot to mirrorless several years ago and have been shooting an A6000 for the last 2 years. I like the A6000 but, as I’m sure you know, like all cameras it has some annoyances and limitations, and I always wondered if I was missing something not getting a DSLR. Recently I have been considering buying a DSLR, upgrading to the A6300 or doing nothing. So far I have done the latter. I’ll be interested to see if you decide to upgrade.

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