Big Sur Coastal Drive – Photo Location Guide

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The Big Sur Coastal Drive in California is one of the most spectacular drive in the whole world. While I am pretty sure there are many amazing places around the globe where you can enjoy stunning seascapes on long stretches of highway, what truly sets the Big Sur Coastal Drive apart is its length. Stretching over 200 kilometers, it definitely requires some planning for a successful photography trip.

After driving along Big Sur for the first time, I realized that I missed half of the key locations on my trip. It took me half a dozen more visits to become familiar with the area so that I could decide my favorite spots for myself.

To help with your visit to Big Sur or to even inspire you to take the most unforgettable drive of your life, I have listed a few key locations to visit. The rest is up to you as you discover your favorite spots along the Big Sur Coastal Drive.​

Big Sur Costal Drive – Photo Location Guide
  • Paul LeSage says:

    First, it is McWay Falls, not McWey Falls. Second, due to excessive rain and flooding, there is a critical bridge out near Big Sur and being replaced in Spring 2017, so check local conditions first. Road is closed to thru traffic.

    • Paul
      thanks for letting me know. I live on McWey street so I always mix up them 🙂 The lat time I visited BigSur was last summer so I had no idea about the road is closed. Can you visit the falls from the south?

      • Paul LeSage says:

        I checked the CalTran site recently and I may be corrected, but I don’t think that stretch is open to the general public due to mudslides to the south. It is a changing situation as they scramble to get things back to order. Big tourism hit, but perhaps for an adventurous and legal photog the crowds would be down if access was permitted.

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