Lightroom Presets: Tutorials and Articles

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The beta version of Lightroom was released over 12 years ago and, today, it is a mature and flexible program.[...]
How to Install Lightroom Presets – Step-by Step Guide
For years, the process of installing presets in Lightroom was simple and straightforward. All you had to do was place[...]
How to Create and Use Lightroom File Renaming Presets
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How to Create and Use Lightroom Copyright Presets
If you want to learn how you can create and use Lightroom copyright presets, you've come to the right place.[...]
How to Add Watermark in Lightroom Using Presets
If you want to learn how to add watermark in Lightroom to protect your images, you need to follow this[...]
Demystifying Lightroom Profiles: In-Depth Guide (Free Profiles)
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Best Lightroom Export Settings for Web, Print, Facebook… (Free Export Presets)
Lightroom is, by far, the most important program for my photography. But, the concept behind Lightroom is not always easy[...]
9 Types of Lightroom Presets I Use for a Faster Editing Workflow
If I was to select the cornerstone functionality of Lightroom that defines Adobe’s RAW editor, I would, without hesitation, choose[...]