Hacking Lightroom CC – Editing Photos Locally Without Using Cloud

by Viktor Elizarov
I am a travel photographer and educator from Montreal, Canada, and a founder of PhotoTraces. I travel around the world and share my experiences here. Feel free to check my Travel Portfolio and download Free Lightroom Presets.

3 thoughts on “Hacking Lightroom CC – Editing Photos Locally Without Using Cloud”

  1. Topic – the future of LR Classic. Much has been written that the introduction of CC presages the eventual disappearance of Classic. That’s all fine and dandy for photographers who shoot only in “connected places”, i.e, with internet connectivity. However for many folks who travel incessantly there is an ever stronger allure to going to very remote places, often totally off the grid, for that experience that London, Paris, Rome, or even ‘home’ just can’t provide. These remote places seldom have internet access today and may never obtain it in the future due to poverty, geographic obstacles, cultural resistance, poor infrastructure, etc. For those who love to photograph in such off beat places a cloud-based system will never work as a sole option – no internet means no access to one’s work, to one’s LR catalog, as I understand things. So, Viktor, in your research, writings, and in your contacts with Adobe, please remind them that there will ALWAYS be a need for a Classic-type, internet-INDEPENDENT version of our indispensable LR. We’ve all too often see software statements of this sort : “for the time being”, “we may continue to support”, ” a new improved version is coming out”, etc. Those are usually soon followed by a forced “goodbye” to that which we’ve come to depend on. It’s no fun going through such contortions. Let’s allow Classic to serve, grow, and thrive. Thank you.


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