Getting Lost in Italy – Via Degli Artisti (Trieste)

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When I visited Italy a few years back I stayed in Trieste for 10 days. Via Degli Artisti became my
favorite and most visited street in the city. Let me explain. I drove a tiny rental car with no GPS and I had no data plan on my iPhone. I had to navigate in Trieste old fashion way using maps and reading street signs.

Somehow every time I took the wrong turn in the maze of narrow streets in the center of Trieste I would end up on one-way Via Degli Artisti time after time with no way out.

On my 10th pass of so, I finally stopped and took a few pictures of my new favorite street.

HDR Photography - Processed in Photomatix
Italy. Trieste
Loc: 45.64979, 13.77247

Deconstructing Featured Photo

Travel Photography Blog: 3 Bracketed Shots (-1; 0; +1)
  • Camera: Canon 60D
  • Lens: Sigma 10-20mm
  • Focal Length: 10mm
  • ISO: 320
  • Aperture: F8
  • Bracketing: 3 shots ( -1, 0, +1)
  • Tripod: hand-held

Processing: HDR Processed in Photomatix

Lightroom: import, tagging, export to Photomatix
Photomatix: I used 3  images to tone map image, 16-bit tiff image was exported to Lightroom.
Lightroom: I used Split Toning to achieve cross processing look, export as PSD image
Photoshop: cleaning,  straightening, contrast.
Photoshop Plugins:

  • Topaz Detail was used to enhance details in the foreground elements.
  • Topaz DeNoise  I applied RAW – Moderate preset, it was enough to reduce noise.