Open Road to the Mountains (California)

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The California State Route 1 coastal drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco has 2 distinctive parts: one is flat with beautiful dune beaches and wide coastal plains; the other is mountainous with twisted roads and picturesque shoreline.

USA, California, Cabrillo Hwy
Loc: 35.7300, -121.3144

Halfway through the drive, a few miles after Cambria and San Simeon, just after passing the sea lions’ beaches at Piedras Blancas, the road takes a turn inland and goes uphill. At this point, you do not see or expect anything, but when you reach the top of the hill suddenly a very different view unfolds in front of you: a completely open landscape with the straight road and the mountains as a backdrop. This view serves as a reminder what awaits you over the next few hours.

This spot is definitely one of my top 10 favorite travel photography locations along California State Route #1.

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  • kpolitowicz says:

    Good work. I remember our jaws dropping when we saw exactly this view in the rear-mirror 🙂

    • I did this drive from south to north and when I saw this view in front of me I almost drove into a ditch 🙂

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