Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (California)

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But I was wrong. The oldest trees in the world did not look imposing or mighty. They looked like dead dwarfs without any bark around their trunks.

And yet, that was the forest full of trees ages between 3000 and 5000 years old.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest (California)

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is located at 11,000 feet(3,400m) above sea level, on the north side of the mountains where it is always cold. And the area receives almost zero precipitation around the year. Because of that, the Bristlecone Pine trees developed such a body density that bacteria can not penetrate it. It is tough for any tree to survive in such a hostile environment, but at the same time, it extends their lifespan by a few thousand years. Incredible.

I am not sure about the age of the trees I captured in the featured photo, but they are old and still alive.


The challenge with the shooting was cold weather, and at the end of May, you usually do not carry with your winter clothes.

I also struggled with the particulate shot because it was pretty steep around the trees, and I had a problem leveling the tripod. In the end, I did not manage to level it correctly, and I had to do perspective correction in Lightroom.

Editing & Processing

It was a single RAW processing workflow.

Lightroom (80%)

Next, I use the Crop Overlay tool to маке composition a bit tighter..

The Lightroom Preset Editing Formula: Napa (2, 9, 13, 20, 32)

Photoshop (20%)

And finally, I used the Topz DeNoise plugin to reduce digital noise. That was the first time I used the latest version of DeNoise AI after upgrading from DeNoise 6. The newest version works differently compared to the old version. It does not only reduce the noise but sharpens the image as well.

After I am comfortable with the new version, I will update my review of Topaz plugins.

Before & After Transformation