(#2) Cooking RAWs – Editing Your Photos Challenge

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This is the second edition of Cooking RAWs series where I ask people to send me one of their unprocessed RAW photos. Then, I give them a few ideas on how to approach Lightroom editing in the most efficient way.

Today I am going to show how I would approach the process of photo editing using RAW photo by Myron Kuziak. He recently started to use my Travel Photography Bundle.

Myron took the featured photo using Fuji X-T1 with Fuji 23mm 1.4 prime lens. If you remember the last week’s edition of Cooking RAWs, I started editing with the composition improvements then cleaning and the last step was Rapid Editing. Today the workflow is much simpler.

The composition was good and I did not feel it needed any improvements. The cleaning was not required as well. I went straight for Rapid Editing.

Lightroom Rapid Editing

Total time: 10min

If you are not sure what is Lightroom Rapid Editing, please check my detailed tutorial “Lightroom Rapid Editing“.

Below are six editing versions of the same photo. To show the potential of the Lightroom Rapid Editing I used presets from Landscape and Cityscape (Cross Processed) Collections and  in the combination with the TOOLKIT. I didn’t use any of the editing tools from Lightroom right panel.

Under each photograph, you can find the Lightroom Editing Formula which reflects every single editing step.

As you can see it took me between 4 and 8 clicks to achieve the final edits.

Lightroom Editing Formula: Tropical Morning (18, 32, 34)
Lightroom Editing Formula: Sunblast (33, 34)
Lightroom Editing Formula: Natural (9, 13, 15, 32, 34)
Lightroom Editing Formula: Broken Clouds (9, 17, 31, 38)
Lightroom Editing Formula: Hawaii Sunset (11, 15, 21, 32, 34)
Lightroom Editing Formula: End of Summer (17, 32, 34)

Please use the comment section below to let me know what version you like best.

  • Tropical or End of summer does it for me.

  • Emil Kadlic says:

    The lightroom editing process is truly fantastic. I really like to use this software for photo editing. I like the Lightroom Editing Formula : Natural (9, 13, 15, 32, 34) from all of these images a lot. It looks very natural, as like real view.

  • heitordelima says:

    I like “natural” too, but the warmth of “end of summer” is great

  • Kaptain Kim Elisabeth Millard says:

    I like the third one down: natural. It enhances the colors of the original without over-altering the image.
    If I was editing this shot, I would have also cropped the bottom third of the photo where the road is wide. That way the focus would be on the hill itself.

    • It looks that everybody likes the Natural.

      My thinking was that the road is the essential part of the composition because the house is to small to be a focal point. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Kaptain Kim Elisabeth Millard says:

        I am still learning – so any advice is appreciated. Thank you for responding.

        • Feel free to participate in Cooking RAWs challenge

          If you want your photos to be edited by me and featured on PhotoTraces blog, take part in Cooking RAWs challenge.

          Send me your images to phototraces@gmail.com email address with the subject line: Cooking RAWs Challenge.

          Please do not send me the original RAW images right away. Send me the smaller JPEG or link to your gallery. When I select the most interesting and challenging photos I will request the originals.

          • Kaptain Kim Elisabeth Millard says:

            I will do that! Thank you. I am anxious to see what you do with them.

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