Top 8 Spring Landscape Photography Tips

Every season of the year presents its own challenges and opportunities. As photographers, we need to recognize and adapt. 

The most rewarding time of the year for any landscape photographer, in my opinion, is the fall season—a time when you do not have to look for opportunities because they present themselves everywhere.

Winter is the most distinct time of the year. It is a time when landscape photographers can capture unique, snowy landscapes.

Spring is the most challenging season for capturing landscapes, especially early in the season. This is a time when the snow melts and exposes lifeless and colorless scenes. It takes some extra effort on our part to create something exciting and unique.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with the challenges of photography in the spring.  

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How to Photograph and Edit Snowy Scenes

The winter season offers landscape and travel photographers unique opportunities that cannot be replicated.

Here, in Montreal, we are having record-breaking winter weather. By the middle of December, I had already captured plenty of snowy landscapes and am now eager to share with you how I approach winter photography.

How to Photograph and Edit Snowy Scenes

Since shooting and editing winter landscapes presents a different set of challenges, I have separated this article into two parts. First, we tackle the challenges of shooting and, then, we take on the challenges of post-processing.

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Top 21 Beach Photography Tips

Beach Photography Tips

Don’t you hate it when you visit a beautiful beach filled with captivating colors but fail miserably when you try to capture the same atmosphere in your photos?

Do not be too hard on yourself; you are not alone.

If I had to guess, I would say that 90% of beach photographs look very similar and boring even when they are taken in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Today, I want to share with you a few top beach photography tips so that you can produce stunning photos during your next family vacation or even during a quick, weekend trip to the beach.

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How to Add Depth to Your Landscape Photos

Today’s article is by contributing author, photographer and educator Andrew Gibson from the UK. I previously featured Andrew on PhotoTraces when I published his interview here.

Andrew is the author of over 20 photography books with my favorite being Mastering Composition. I also highly recommend to download his free eBooks here.

Today, he’ll share with us how to improve the composition in landscape photographs by addressing depth.

Take it away, Andrew!

How to Add Depth to Your Landscape Photos

Would you like to create powerful landscape photos that make the viewer feel immersed in the scene? Of course you would. Chances are, all the most memorable landscape photos you’ve seen make you feel part of the landscape, as if you could just step into the photo.

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Low Light Photography Tips

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of light in photography. Regardless of whether you treat photography as a hobby or you are a seasoned professional, you are chasing the light and trying to capture it.

Even the word “photography” has its origins in combining the two Greek words “photo” and “graphia” that translate as “Drawing with Light.”

Doesn’t that sound much more poetic and far cooler than “photography?”

But, here comes the biggest paradox of photographythe abundance of light does not always translate into great photographs. Actually, it is entirely the opposite. The most interesting and impactful photos are produced when light is lacking or the lighting conditions are extreme.

Think about sunsets, sunrises, stormy weather, cloudy skies, dark streets, indoor portraits and astrophotography. All these scenarios share one common element—the lack of light.

This is why learning to deal with low light in your photography is one of the most important and fundamental skills that you must master.

Today, you will learn how to apply low light photography tips and techniques to the following travel photography scenarios:

  • landscapes,
  • people photography
  • cityscapes
  • night sky photography

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Street Photography Tips for Travel and Beyond

Street Photography Tips for Travel and Beyond

Many of the guidelines for one style photography can also be useful for lots of different photography styles and forms.

Street photography as a style has its own group of tips, techniques, and ethical considerations. And if you apply street photography tips and guidelines correctly they will tremendously enrich your travel photography.

For instance, travel to new cities means trying to capture the flavor of an unfamiliar setting. Knowing a few tips will allow you to focus on observing instead of worrying about settings. It will make it easier to concentrate on looking for the situations that showcase how people interact with the environment.

Let’s take a look at a few things to learn, and a few things to avoid, in street photography that will make your travel photography stronger.

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8 Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners Who Travel

8 Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners Who Travel” is part of my Photography Tips series on PhotoTraces. You can find the rest of the tutorials here: Photography Tips.

8 Portrait Photography Tips for Beginners Who Travel

At some point, after picking up the camera, many photographers try their hand at portrait photography.

Travel photography provides wonderful opportunities for portraits. Including portraits as part of your travel photography means a complete document of your travels. The people who live in the areas your travels take you are vital to understanding the culture and flavor. With a few helpful portrait photography tips it is possible to take fantastic, impactful portraits while traveling.

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Top 15 Tips for Capturing Great Outdoor Shots

Top 15 Outdoor Photography Tips

Epic scenery, majestic landscapes, wildlife, seas, skies and inhabited or deserted places are a photographer’s perfect environments to convey his talent and skills in order to capture the beauty, mystery, and fascination of the great outdoors.

With today’s performant cameras and complex photography editing tools, one might think that amazing outdoor shots can be captured by anyone. However, if you want to follow in the footsteps of some brilliant outdoor photographers, you still need to master skills and knowledge.

Today we rounded up 15 outdoor photography tips from professional photographers and artists on how to capture outstanding outdoor shots.

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Lightroom Rapid Editing PLUS for People

After I completed the development of Lightroom Rapid Editing PLUS for Landscapes and Cityscapes it was time to take care the People Collection

Lightroom Rapid Editing PLUS for People

The Lightroom Rapid Editing PLUS concept addresses the shortcoming in Lightroom functionality. Due to the nature of RAW processing, Lightroom does not have one of the most useful functionalities of any editing program, the ability to change Opacity.

In one of my earlier posts, I shared with you my idea how to overcome Lightroom deficiency and hack Opacity functionality.

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Best of 2016: Most Popular Photography Tutorials on PhotoTraces

2016 was a big year for me with the regards to creating free photography tutorials.

Best of 2016: Most Popular Photography Tutorials on PhotoTraces

First, I started tutorial series Photography 101 with the goal to address the photography fundamentals. The series was intended mostly for beginners.

In the second half of 2016, I started new series dedicated exclusively to Lightroom. In Lightroom Tips series I feature individual techniques and tips that I use regularly for my travel photography.

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