Patagonia – Wilderness & Beauty. Places to See and Photograph.

Patagonia is one of those holy places for landscape and wildlife photographers. Undoubtedly, it’s on everybody's bucket list of photography destinations. Either because of the Andes mountain ridge, the green and blue glaciers, or the penguins and sea lions on its Atlantic coast, Patagonia has many diverse options for all types of photographers.

Places to Visit and Photograph in Patagonia

Due to its extreme weather during the fall and winter months (March through September) it’s highly recommended to visit the region during spring and summer (November to late March in the Southern Hemisphere). Take into account that the summertime might be more expensive due to the high-season increased demand; hotel and airfare availability might be limited. 

Here are some of my favorite photography visiting spots if you’re planning a trip to the end of the American continent:

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