Switching Gear: From Canon to Fujifilm

Switching Gear: From Canon to Fujifilm

My photography went through a significant change just over two years ago. After shooting for over a decade with Canon, I sold all my gear and switched to a Sony mirrorless. The transformation sparked interest among the PhotoTraces community and attracted new followers interested in the topic of switching from DSLR to mirrorless.

Unsuprisingly, the two articles where I described my personal reasons for making the switch and my first impressions on using the mirrorless system are two of the most popular articles on my website.

Today, I am happy to introduce a talented photographer from Seattle named Desmond Manny who went through a similar transformation but, instead of switching to Sony, he chose Fujifilm’s mirrorless system. I thought his reasoning and experience would be interesting for photographers who are considering a switch to Fuji.

Take it away Desmond.

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