Kodachrome Sunset Colors (Utah)

The featured photo is from the place I did not know existed at the time I was planning my latest trip to Arizona and Utah. The place called Kodachrome Basin State Park in … Read more

Burned Tree at the Bryce Canyon (Utah)

The featured photo fully reflects my latest photography trip to the Southwest I completed last week. I spent two weeks driving through Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California, completing 5500km and camping in the … Read more

Urban Goose (Montreal)

I live not far from a beautiful park located on the bench of Saint Lawrence River. I visit the park on a pretty much daily basis. This where I go for a run, … Read more

Monument Valley Open View (Arizona)

Today’s photo features the iconic view of the Monument Valey I witnessed right after entering the Navajo tribal park. I saw this open view of the valley on many photographs before visiting the … Read more

Navajo Loop Trail (Utah)

The day I visited the Bryce Canyon National park I had two goals in mind. First, to hike down to the amphitheater, the bottom part of the canyon. Second, I wanted to photograph … Read more