Burning Man and Creating Photo Series

This article is the second installment of my case study dedicated to Burning Man and Lightroom Rapid Editing.

If you remember, last year, in the original Burning Man article, my daughter returned from her very first Burning Man and needed to process and edit a high volume of photos. That was when she was just starting to learn photography. I introduced her to Lightroom Rapid Editing and she managed to process 1000 photos in just a couple of hours. I was also incredibly proud that she managed to achieve some very interesting results with her photos.

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Case Study: How to Create Photography Series

It was a spontaneous and unplanned photo shoot.

I was in Old Montreal meeting my old colleagues from Multimedia City. This is when I realized that Cirque du Soleil is back in Montreal.

Even though Cirque du Soleil was founded in Montreal and still has headquarters in the city, it does not have a permanent show here. Every couple of years it comes to Montreal and changes the appearance of the Old City.

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