Black and White Photography Fundamentals

Introduction to Black and White Photography

Black and white photography used to be a matter of choice long before the shutter button was pressed. Nowadays, we shoot in color and later decide if the image looks good in black and white.

With little distractions, thanks to the absence of color, black and white photography has been accepted as an efficient format of image making that is a beautiful way of capturing a moment or scene. It also takes a fairly large chunk of time to master and love. In the following, I’ll share my own experience with black and white photography as well as the things I wish I knew when I was a beginning photographer with my¬†first camera.

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10 Top Black and White Photography Tips

This is our Top 10 Black and White Photography Tips to help you producing impactful and meaningful black and white photographs.

10 Top Black and White Photography Tips

Back in the days of film, black and white was a decision that you had to make before the picture was shot. Nowadays, thanks to technology and the great evolution of RAW files, black and white photography happens in post-production (unless you are working with this thing). Thus, we have the best of both color and black and white at our fingertips.

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