Photographer’s Guide to Writing an Effective Blog Post

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We continue to expand the very popular section on PhotoTraces blog: Blogging Tips For Photographerswhere we address the topic on how blogging could help photographers to take their business to another level (Please check previously published: How to Start a Photography Blog in Under 10 Minutes and The Best WordPress Themes for Your Photography Blog).

Today, our guest writer Nancy Young is breaking down the process of creating an effective blog post for photographers.

Probably you have heard about blogging and that a photographer should have a blog. You have even seen a few successful photographers who blog. But why is blogging critically important for photographers? And more importantly, how to write epic blog posts worth your time efforts? In this article we’re going to discuss what topics to cover on your blog, why it’s so important for your business, and what services are the best to use.

Why Blogging is Your Ultimate Marketing Weapon

People you photograph share with you their most memorable moments and the more incentives to hire you give, the better. Blog is one of the places where you can be yourself, you can show your visitors who you really are, how you work with clients, and value you can provide to your clients. Also, your blog may give your clients a sneak peek to your workflow. Blog can convince your clients to choose you, if they previously looked through your portfolio and liked your work.

As most of the photographers who blog usually publish their photos along with a brief description who are displayed on them. Potential clients have an opportunity to see your photos in your gallery, so blog is not a proper place for it.

One of the main purposes of blog to post valuable content and make people share it, improving your search engine rankings. As opposed to less frequently updated portfolio, a blog with regular entries is a tasty piece of pie for search engines.

One more important reason to start blogging is that it can help you to establish your personal photography brand. Thanks to the narrative style of your blog, you can stand out from the crowd of your competitors and get your unique voice.

And the last thing is that blog is a super cheap and easy way to promote your work online.


Ideas for Your Future Blog Posts

If you have no idea what to write about on your photography blog, expert sharing your last photos, here are a few ideas for you.

1. The best shooting locations in your area. First of all, this topic is quite trending and might pop up in Google, referring to your area. It may help you to find new clients in your area. Also, people may see beautiful locations in their native city and want to get a photo shoot there. You can update this post a few times, finding new locations or write a few parts of this article. On the other hand, keep a few cool locations in secret, as your competitors may use this post for their benefit.

2. What to wear for a particular photo shoot. What to wear is the most frequently asked question, when it comes to photo shoots, including portrait and family ones. So, add some your best examples to show your potential clients what to wear. So, every time this question shows up, you can just send them a link.

3. Behind the scenes. Everyone loves to see how the magic happens, so let your potential clients to peek behind the scenes and imagine how their own photo session may look like. You can add both photos and videos from your real photo sessions.

4. Posing tips. Some people have no idea how to pose and even afraid standing in front of the camera. Show them a few great poses to make them feel more confident before a photo shoot.

5. “Before” and “After” Images. Show your clients what post-processing is capable of. Most of people have no idea what you can or can’t do in Photoshop. So, show them photos or videos how you can retouch wrinkles, enhance colors and correct things to make your images really pop.

6. Present your “extras”. Your blog is a wonderful place to share your special products and offers for clients, such as new photo book covers, little gifts for your customers, or seasonal discounts. Creative graphics and photos of the physical products will make these offers even more tempting for your readers.

7. Your photography in real life. Do you sell for stock photos or shoot for some print magazines? Great! Don’t be shy to demonstrate your work in use. You may also ask your clients to share with you the pictures of your framed photographs or photo books on their desk or canvas with your photo hanging on their wall. Encourage such visual testimonials by offering a special discount for future services. This can be a good way to keep in touch with your clients and get some interesting content to publish on your blog.

8. Professional photography tips. Share your own first-hand tips about photography with newbies to get new traffic. Huge number of likes and shares will definitely improve your ranking in Google and bring new traffic.

9. How to get started with photography and business. You own story can help people to get to know you better and understand what kind of shooter you are. Also, you tips may help other beginner photographers to set up their own business.


Find New Ideas on Social Media

After at least a few blog posts have been written, you can analyze which ones are popular and write more of them. Just open your Facebook page to see what posts get more likes and shares. Use Bufferapp to analyze which tweets with your posts were the most retweetable.

You may go further and install Google Analytics. It will show you from where your visitors came from, how they interact with your site, which pages are the most popular and more. This information is dramatically important for getting to know what to write about. Moreover, Google Analytics with all its power if completely free.


So, to Blog or not to Blog?

So, if you have photography business, you should definitely have a blog. Business is getting personal, and blog is the best way to make your personal brand stand out. It’s really easy get a habit of blogging constantly, so all you should do is just to start.

For pro photographers, blogging could be a great way to put your name out there and give a boost your brand.

Even if you’re beginner or enthusiast photographer, blogging is a great way to share your passion with everyone. And who knows, maybe blog would become you motivation factor for shooting more, or some people would want to hire you because of your creative vision.

Blogging Services to Consider

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging services these days. It’s an open source tool with various themes, plugins and opportunities to customize your blog. However, be prepared to get your hands dirty in coding or spend some pretty penny for professional WordPress services if you want a fully customized blog with some special functionality.

Defrozo is all in one platform for photographers that can help you set up your own portfolio site, a blog, and manage your tasks online. It’s also free.

Tumblr is a multi-media blogging service. If you just want to try out blogging, it’s a great place to start. It have various features, themes, and options to make you love blogging. Moreover it’s free.


Hopefully, these tips come in handy. Do you blog? What are your reasons for blogging? Tell us in the comments.