Most Popular Photography Tutorials on PhotoTraces in 2014

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This is my third and the last post which highlights the best content of 2014. First it was selection of the best photographs and then 10 most popular articles and today I am featuring the most popular tutorials of 2014.

Tutorial: Natural Looking HDR Photography Guide

With the increased popularity of HDR photo processing in the last 5 years, there are a number different tools you can use. By far the most popular tool is Photomatix from HDRsoft, which I use when I want to achieve an unusual, sometimes surrealistic look in my photos. For natural-looking landscapes and travel photos I use a different approach.

Tutorial: HDR Photography with Point and Shoot Camera

Today, I am going to demonstrate how I shoot for HDR using my $299.00 point-and-shoot camera, without a tripod (hand held) and my processing steps to produce HDR images.

Combining HDR Processing and Panorama Stitching Editing Techniques

Today I want to share my photography workflow when it is necessary to combine two different processing techniques: HDR photography and panorama stitching.

Spring in Montreal – HDR Landscape Photography with Photomatix 

Below you can find my Before&After Widget which illustrates 9 editing steps of my workflow. By clicking through numbers (orange squares) you can see how image transforms from step 1 (original raw image) to step 10 (final published photo).

Cross Processing Effect in Lightroom in Seconds

Below is a Before & After demonstration. I took this photo with my point and shoot camera, Lumix LX7, in the local park. I will show you how to achieve this stylish look in Lightroom in seconds.

Natural Looking HDR Photography with HDR Expose

A few months ago, I discovered and started using a new HDR tool that I later reviewed on my blog in an article entitled,  HDR Expose 3 – King of Natural Looking HDR. Many of my readers expressed interest in this tool and, as a result, I am releasing a step by step tutorial on how to achieve natural looking HDR images using HDR Expose.