Orange Row in Old Montreal (Canada)

Having daily access to Old Montreal gives you a unique opportunity to be surrounded by history, old architecture, and amazing photo discoveries. When I worked in Old Montreal I had the habit of … Read more

Low Tide Afternoon (New Brunswick)

The Bay of Fundy is a unique place, in Atlantic Canada, between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is famous for having the highest tides in the world. I love … Read more

East River Sunset Shower (New York)

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Purple Sunset in Gaspe Bay (Quebec)

This photo is from my Atlantic Canada coastal drive. We drove all the way from Quebec City to Prince Edward Island along the St. Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean. We spent the … Read more

Old Montreal Locks Perspective

I was lucky enough to work in Old Montreal for 10 years. What this means is that every single day I had access to beautiful Old Montreal and the Old Port. Even if … Read more