05. Before & After Spring in Montreal – HDR Landscape Photography with Photomatix

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For today’s Before&After post I’ve chosen photo I took at one of my favorite places in Montreal – Rene Levesque Park. It is located not far from where I live. This is where I go jogging almost every day and place where I photographed at least hundred of sunsets.


Step 1

I imported 5 bracketed raw images into Lightroom but later I realized that +2 frame was way too overexposed. I used only 4 images for tone mapping.

Step 2

I processed 4 bracketed raw files in Photomatix using Photomatix Pro Lightroom Exporter.

Steps 3-7

After I finished my edits in Photomatix I brought merged image as 16-bit tiff file back to Lightroom and applied following edits.

  • Crop
  • Graduated Filter (sky)
  • Radial Filter (foreground)
  • Basic, Tone Curve
  • HSL, Detail (noise reduction)
  • Effects (vignetting)


If you want to avoid a manual labour of adjusting countless number of sliders in Lightroom, you can explore Preset Based Lightroom Editing when with only one click you can apply a variety of looks and styles to your photos. If you are interested in learning more about Preset Based Lightroom Editing, check my Landscapes Lightroom Presets  Collection Vol.1.

Steps 8-11

Final touches were performed in Photoshop. I used following plugins: Topaz Labs Detail, Topaz DeNoise – check my Topaz DeNoise Product Review.

I used Topaz Labs Detail plugin to enhance details (Preset: Feature Enhancement I) and Topaz DeNoise ( my Topaz DeNoise Product Review ) to eliminate noise, mostly in the area of the sky (Preset: RAW – moderate)

Topaz Labs Detail and Topaz DeNoise Settings:


Final step: photo was saved as JPG at full resolution and uploaded to my portfolio at SmugMug for safe keeping, sharing and online sales.

  • FYW – Your Smugmug link is broken but great tutorial as always

  • JezziJaymes says:

    Omg! it’s beautiful, but this is way too difficult for me. .. I don’t know enough termnology to follow along.

    • JezziJaymes says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. I use Photoshop at a functional level. On a scale of 1-10, what would you say is the difficulty level?

      • I do not think this technique is too complex but with the new Lightroom 6 you can completely bypass Photoshop. Photoshop is much more difficult to learn than Lightroom.

        • JezziJaymes says:

          GREAT! Ty so much. I’m truly inspired

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