Before & After Photography Tutorials

Here is the list of Before & After tutorials I have on my blog. Please note that most of the tutorials have source files included for your convenience. In source packages you can find original RAW photos, Photoshop files and Lightroom presets.

Also, each tutorial has Before & After widget which visually illustrates editing steps of my processing techniques.

08. Before & After: Natural Looking HDR Photography with HDR Expose

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-08-cruise-ship” metadata=”height: 600, width: 800″]


07. Before & After: HDR Photography with Point and Shoot Camera

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-06-hdr-point-shoot” metadata=”height: 534, width: 800″]



06. Before & After: Niagara Sunrise – Combining HDR Processing and Panorama Stitching Editing Techniques

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-06-niagara-panorama” metadata=”height: 450, width: 800″]



05. Before & After: Spring in Montreal – HDR Landscape Photography with Photomatix

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-05-marina-park” metadata=”height: 600, width: 800″]



 04. Before & After: Cuba’s Cayo Coco Beach Sunrise

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-04-cayo-coco” metadata=”height: 600, width: 600″]



03. Before & After: Miami Geometry from Key Biscayne

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-02-miami-geometry” metadata=”height: 456, width: 800″]



02. Before & After: San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley from Skyline Blvd

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-02-sf-bay” metadata=”height: 456, width: 800″]



01. Before & After: 14 Editing Steps of my Typical Post Processing Workflow

Before & After Widget
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”ba-01-cuba” metadata=”height: 476, width: 700″]