Yosemity National Park

Driving Through America’s Southwest – Day 11

Southwest Trip: 11 – Yosemite National Park

This was the most disastrous day of our entire trip. It was Saturday of Memorial Weekend, probably the busiest day in the United States when the entire urban population of California drives to the mountains and beaches. We knew what to expect and had a solid plan on how to avoid the crowds. The problem was that we did not execute our plan properly.

The plan was to wake up before sunrise, pack up, and drive directly to Glacier Point in Yosemite to spend the rest of the day hiking away from the crowds. But we woke up a bit later than expected and then packing up and driving took longer than we anticipated. Long story short—when we reached Yosemite, the road to Glacier Point was closed because the parking lot was full.

We were directed to the valley, which was already packed with people. We made a loop in the valley that took us nearly two hours because of the holiday traffic. After only two short stops, we headed straight to San Francisco—the final destination on our trip.

Yosemite National Park - Southwest Trip: Day 11 1
Yosemite National Park - Southwest Trip: Day 11 2
Yosemite National Park - Southwest Trip: Day 11 3
Yosemite National Park - Southwest Trip: Day 11 4
by Viktor Elizarov
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