The Partnership between PhotoTraces and Mediterranean Photo Tours

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I am happy to announce the official partnership between PhotoTraces and Mediterranean Photo Tours.

Mediterranean Photo Tours is adopting the Lightroom Rapid Editing approach for the post-processing part of their photo tours. I will be an advisor to help the company in creating a post-processing curriculum.

The photographer and central driving force behind Mediterranean Photo Tours is Ugo Cei, a talented photographer, educator and podcaster. He runs a popular podcast dedicated to travel photography where he interviews the best travel photographers from all over the world.

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Ugo and was featured on his podcast episode #35 titled “Finding Simplicity.” This is when we realized that we have a great deal in common in regard to how we approach travel photography and how we diligently try to simplify it.

During the podcast, I outlined the concept of my Lightroom Rapid Editing and how it was specifically designed for travel photography. When Ugo realized its potential, this is when our discussion started about adopting Lightroom Rapid Editing for Mediterranean Photo Tours.

I am happy that this new partnership brings additional value to the participants of Mediterranean Photo Tours. Beginning with the photo tour in Venice (Italy) dedicated to the Carnival of Venice, every participant will get a copy of my Travel Photography Bundle which includes 160 presets, eBook and source files at no additional cost.

The participants will use The Travel Photography Bundle and Lightroom Rapid Editing during editing sessions on the tour.

Since my Rapid Editing was created to address different aspects of travel photography, it will be a perfect companion for photographers when editing the landscapes and seascapes of Italy, the architecture of Venice and the street and portrait photography during the famous Carnival of Venice.

If you are planning to advance your photography in the stunning Mediterranean atmosphere and culture, I highly recommend you visit the Mediterranean Photo Tours website.

Enrollment is now open for the following photo tour: Venice and the Magic of the Carnival—Venice, Italy—February 15-20, 2017

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Below are some photos taken by Mediterranean Photo Tours instructors during the Carnival of Venice: