Best Universal Camera Quick Release Plate – Under $12

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Best Universal Camera Quick Release Plate - Under $12

Since I switched camera systems from Sony to Fujifilm, I noticed a change in how I take photos.

I use the tripod less often and take more photos handheld.

There are two main reasons for such a change:

First, the Fujifilm XT2 produces better quality high ISO images. When shooting with the Sony a6000, I always tried to keep the ISO at bay around 100 to 200. But, the Fuji XT2 produces clean photos at an ISO 800. I am no longer afraid of shooting landscapes with an ISO 1000.

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Second, the Fuji XT2 has an advanced Auto ISO functionality. It calculates the minimum acceptable Shutter Speed value based on the focal length in use.

For example, I have the Fujinon 18-135mm attached to the camera, so the Auto ISO sets a different minimum Shutter Speed when I shoot at 18mm, 70mm, or 135mm.

This means that, no matter what, I am never in danger of entering a potentially hazardous area of blurred photos.

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When shooting with Sony, I always had my camera strap attached to the default rectangular rings of the camera (see image below) and never had a need for changing it.

Sony a6000 and No products found.

But, with Fuji, I realized that when I go for a long walk or a hike, having the camera attached to the top rectangular rings is not very comfortable. I needed a solution to attach one end of the camera strap to a quick release plate.

It seemed like an easy task to find a quick release model—one that I can use with my tripod and my camera strap.

Sadly, this was not the case.

It took me almost six months and three failed purchases to find a model I liked.

The first model I ordered was too big for my mirrorless setup. It was wider than the Fuji XT2 body. There was no way for me to use it.

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The next two models simply did not work as I expected. Every time I needed to attach my camera to a tripod, I had to detach the camera strap from the plate. It was a total waste of time.

Finally, my last attempt was a success. As usual, the cheapest model worked the best.

Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate

Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate Aluminum Alloy 1/4' Screw Mount with Attachment Loop for Arca-Swiss Standard Ball Head Tripod for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Camera

Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate

I use the Peak Design Leash Camera Strap, which is perfect for my mirrorless setup. Now, I have two attachment points connected to default rectangular rings with a third one connected to the Andoer quick release plate. I never remove them. Most importantly, when I need to attach the camera to a tripod, I do not have to detach the strap.

Fujifilm Xt2 Camera and Andoer QR-60 Universal Quick Release Plate

It was the best $12 I spent this summer.

If you have your favorite inexpensive favorite photo accessory, please share with us in the comment section below.

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  • GD Rothenberg says:

    Will this work with the L bracket that you show in the top picture with the Sony?

    • Viktor Elizarov says:

      yes, it does work with my old universal L bracket, but I think it would be overkill

  • EJ Petranek says:

    What is the model # on the ball head in the main picture?

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