Viktor Elizarov - Travel PhotgrapherHow do I find the best locations for travel photography? What are the most exciting places I’ve had the privilege of photographing? What tools do I use to process my photos? What are my favorite travel photography hacks to make things easier and more fun? I strive to provide answers to all these questions and many others in my travel and landscape photography blog.

My name is Viktor Elizarov. I live in Montreal, and for years I’ve worked as different types of designers: a graphic designer, a web designer, a multimedia designer and a broadcast designer. (I have two Broadcast Designers Association statues to prove it.) But my two real passions are photography and travel. On this blog, I share my passion with others interested in travel photography.

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Through the years, I’ve learned to take advantage of every opportunity to fuel my passion. Whether it’s a family vacation, a business trip or just a lunch break, I always try to find something interesting to photograph. I hope I can prove to you that you don’t need to buy expensive equipment or take trips to exotic locations to become an accomplished travel and landscape photographer. A mobile phone or a point-and-shoot camera and the park around the corner are more than enough to start with.Since I bought my first DSLR camera — a Canon Rebel in 2007 — I’ve been part of the online

Since I bought my first DSLR camera — a Canon Rebel in 2007 — I’ve been part of the online photoblogging community where I’ve learned everything I know about photography. It is fascinating how people scattered across the globe with 9-to-5 jobs and busy lives are united by a passion for photography. On my blog, I also want to give back to this community by showcasing amazing work by photobloggers from around the globe.