Manhattan Sunset Bird (New York)

New York is only 6 hour drive from Montreal and when I feel I need extra inspiration for my photography I simply drive down south for day or two.

I took this photo last summer while visiting New York and when I stayed not far from Staten Island. The Staten Island is not exactly the spectacular location with the regards to photography, but it gives you unique opportunity to use Staten Island Ferry when visiting Manhattan. During my short stay I got to ride Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan and back 14 times.

Every time I was on the ferry I saw couple of huge seagulls following the boat at very close distance, waiting for the food to be thrown at them by the tourists. This is when I got an idea to place the bird(s) into the composition of the Manhattan skyline at the sunset.

Travel Photography Blog - New York. Manhattan

New York. Manhattan
Loc: 21.304722, -157.651389


Only when I was ready to start shooting I realized how complex it was to execute my vision. [Read more...]

The Way I Use SmugMug in My Photography Business

A few months ago when I published the blog post, “Why Starting a Photography Blog is Crucial for any Photographer,” I did not expect that it would resonate with my readers. The post also motivated me to create a new section on my blog – “Blogging Tips For Photographers” – where I share what I learned as a blogging photographer.

After I posted more articles on the topic, I started regularly receiving blogging-related questions. One question that continues to resurface is how the SmugMug image sharing platform fits into my WordPress powered blog and how it benefits my photography business.

Today, I will address that.

SmugMug is one of the oldest photo-sharing and image hosting services on the web. Over the years, it developed an extensive set of features and services tailored to photographers of different levels from family photo enthusiasts to professional photographers from diverse fields (studio, wedding, and event photographers, etc.).

As a travel photographer and blogger, I adapted and integrated only selective features of SmugMug that are important to my specific needs pertaining to travel and blogging.

I do not use it for personal or family photography; I have Google Plus for that. I only use SmugMug for my professional activities.


Beautiful Portfolio Designs

SmugMug has a collection of the most beautiful designs for your photography website or portfolio. Each design is extremely flexible and fully customizable. It also features a design editor that allows you to create a custom design or a custom theme. Your imagination is the only limitation here.

But, in 99% of cases, the designs SmugMug provides are good enough for even the most demanding photographers and designers. [Read more...]

Snowstorm at the Train Station (Montreal)

I love colors and as the result of my unconditional love, you hardly can see any black & white examples in my portfolio.

This is the way it normally works. I take picture and right away I see the potential in it to be interesting black & white piece. I convert it to black & white in Photoshop and then spend 20-30min working on processing it. When I am done and ready to save it as the final JPEG, I always change my mind and switch it to color version. Colors always win.

Winter shots are the only occasions when colors are at disadvantage in my world. This is when I often have a chance to produce and publish b&w photo.

Shooting + Processing

I love shooting during the snowstorms. This is when I do not bother to bring DSLR camera with me. I only pick my point-and-shoot Lumix LX7 so I can keep it in my pocket and be ready to shoot quick and hide it again.

I was waiting for the train at the small station in Montreal’s suburb when I saw the train slowly moving through the snow. I was quick enough to take 3 bracketed shots hand-held. Later I merged 3 images to HDR in Photoshop HDR Pro (check my free guide “Natural Looking HDR Workflow“). I converted color HDR image to black and white in Photoshop using Topaz B&W Effects plug-in.

Travel Photography Blog - Canada. Montreal. LaSalle

Canada. Montreal. LaSalle
Loc: 45.425206, -73.656998

Deconstructing Featured Photo

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The Very Best Of Photography Articles and Tutorials – February 2015

In the beginning of 2015 I decided to change the format of my weekly newsletter. Instead of featuring only news from, I also started to feature the best photography related content I came across in the previous 7 days.

The change was triggered by the realization that quality content is not easy to find in an enormous amount of junk.

Below is the extract from my February 2015 weekly newsletters and it represents the best photography content according to me!

The Very Best Of Photography Articles and Tutorials - February 2015

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The Very Best Of Photography Articles and Tutorials from Around the Web

Happy Birthday, Photoshop! Here’s a Look Back on 25 Years of Digital Photo Editing
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The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards
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A Day in the Life of Extreme Action/Sports Photographer Tristan Shu
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A Nat Geo Photographer’s Incredible Encounter with One of Antarctica’s Most Vicious Predators
But in 2006, when National Geographic photographer and biologist Paul Nicklen literally came face-to-face with one of these behemoths, he found a creature more interested in caring for him than doing him harm.

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Inspirations: BURMA– 30 Best of Travel and Landscape Photographs

Today’s theme for inspiration is BURMA. Burma is the sixth country that was featured in inspirational series. Previous countries are: IcelandNorwayIndonesiaVietnam and Peru.

Below are the best of the best travel and landscape photographs featuring Burma.


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Big Sur – Sunset / Sunrise Colors (California)

Big Sur Lightstation, probably the most spectacular stretch of California State Route 1. This particular spot has an amazing potential for photographing sunrises and sunsets

Again, I am posting images of the same location taken on exactly the same day. There are 2 big differences though: the first photo was taken in January 2014 at sunset and the second one in January 2015 at sunrise.

Hard to believe it is the same season.

Shooting and Processing

It became extremely windy just before the sunset and it was challenging to keep tripod steady. I had to apply pressure from the to with my body weight to prevent any movement.

The idea for this shot was to include as much as possible of the beautiful details and the textures in the foreground but at the same time to keep Big Sur Lightstation as the main attraction of the composition.

I used standard processing technique in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop  (check my tutorial Before & After – HDR With Photomatix).

Travel Photography Blog - California. Big Sur Lightstation

California. Big Sur
Loc: 36.325931, -121.894229

Same location. Year 2015. Sunrise.

Deconstructing Featured Photo

Travel Photography Blog: 5 Bracketed Shots ( -2, -1; 0; +1, +2) [Read more...]

Cayucos State Beach Clouds (California)

Cayucos is the run-down town along California State Route 1 between Morro Bay and San Cambria. There is nothing special about it except beautiful beach with the amazing coastal views in both directions (south and north).

During my California coastal drives I always plan short stops at Cayucos, long enough for a quick launch at the town’s beach and for taking some seascape photographs.

I took featured photo from Cayucos Pier which provides incredible view of Morro Bay Rock. Unfortunately, the pier is in process of being rebuilt at this point and it will take couple of years until I can take another photograph from it.

Shooting and Processing

Since light was not extreme, I took only 3 bracketed shots on tripod (FEISOL Tournament CT-3442). Originally I was planning to use Photomatix processing but at the very last moment I changed my mind and used luminosity masks blending in Photoshop (for more details check my Review: “The Art of Digital Blending”).

Travel Photography Blog - California. Cayucos State Beach

California. California. Cayucos State Beach
Loc: 35.448682, -120.906360

Deconstructing Featured Photo

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Rainbow Over South Shore of U’ahu (Hawaii)

Sandy Beach is my favorite beach in Hawaii. This is where action happens and you can always be part of it. When I discovered it for myself, I had no idea that it was famous place. Only after I almost broke my back trying to catch the wave while bodysurfing, I googled it and found out that the beach has the nickname ”break-neck” beach. The bodysurfing on Sandy Beach causes more injuries per year than any other beach in Hawaii. It did not stopped me from surfing there but I became more careful and alert.

Travel Photography Blog - Hawaii. O'ahu Island. Sandy Beach

Hawaii. O’ahu Island. Sandy Beach
Loc: 21.282449, -157.676618


The day I took featured photo I spend entire afternoon on the beach chilling and waiting for sunset hours. Suddenly the rainbow appeared from nowhere and only after it was fully visible, the rain started. It looked very unusual: bright blue skies, the sun, the rain and the rainbow.

I rushed to the Halona Hole observation point to be able to capture the rainbow over the Sandy Beach. It was challenging. The rain was quite strong and with the gusting wind I had to wipe my lens after every shot. I managed to take only couple of shots before rain started to pour and I had to retreat.


First, I merged 3 bracketed shots in Photomatix but I was not happy with the result. The sky and the rainbow did not look very good. Photomatix is not famous for rendering beautiful skies.

Then, I decided to blend 3 bracketed images using luminosity masks in Photoshop (for more details check my Review: “The Art of Digital Blending”). The result was much better. The sky, clouds and the rainbow looked great but the mountains the beach looked kind of lifeless.

This is when I blended 2 resulting images together, taking from HDR image I produced in Photomatix, part with the shore, the beach and the mountains.


Deconstructing Featured Photo

Travel Photography Blog - Hawaii. O'ahu Island
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Moonstone Beach Contrasting Colors (California)

I am going through my last year’s photos and they remind me how different and unique California looked last winter because of the record setting drought. The drought was disastrous for the state’s economy and it made landscapes look desert-like with some strong brown and orange hues.

I took this photo after completing Moonstone Beach Boardwalk hike in early evening and I was ready for the golden hour in Moonstone Park. I tried to capture incredible color contrast between blues of the sky and the ocean and golden hues of the shore.

Shooting and Processing

I took 5 bracketed shots on tripod, trying to capture as much information as possible from brightest areas of the sky as well from the darkest areas of the foreground.

I used standard processing technique in Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop  (check my tutorial Before & After – HDR With Photomatix).

Travel Photography Blog - Montreal. Lachine Park

California. Moonstone Beach
Loc: 35.582447, -121.121525

Deconstructing Featured Photo

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Inspirations: PERU– 30 Best of Travel and Landscape Photographs

Today’s theme for inspiration is PERU. When I think about Peru the first thing that come to my mind is the beautiful, high mountains and today’s collection is dedicated to the mountains.

Peru is the fifth country that was featured in inspirational series. Previous countries are: IcelandNorwayIndonesia and Vietnam.

Below are the best of the best travel and landscape photographs featuring Peru.


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